64 Awesome Tungsten Carbide Rings That Are Much Better Than Titanium

64 Awesome Tungsten Carbide Rings That Are Much Better Than Titanium

There are a lot of unique and trendy rings out there on the market today and what do a lot of them have in common? That’s right!  The fact that they’re made from Tungsten Carbide. Today we’re going to have a look at our favourites. There are 64 of them, so there’s bound to be a perfect one out there for you!

Firstly, let’s have a look at the details and nitty-gritty of this type of ring.

Tungsten Carbide: What is it exactly?

Tungsten Carbide Powder

Tungsten Carbide is a metal that’s made from a chemical compound of an equal ratio of tungsten and carbon atoms. It is mostly found in powder form and is grey in colour with very fine particles. From this form, it is shaped and pressed into different designs such as jewellery or even cutting tools. When it has been pressed, it has twice the density of steel and also has twice the strength. You can see why rings made from this material are very much sought-after.

Comparison with Titanium

Tungsten VS Titanium

You might have heard a lot about titanium in jewellery as it is a common component. But how does it differ to Tungsten Carbide? Both are alternatives to the usual precious metals in jewellery like silver and gold. However, tungsten carbide is tough and is much harder than its titanium rival. Furthermore, it is more resistant to scratches, which is why it is such a popular choice with rings. Titanium, like tungsten carbide, is available in black and grey but the latter is also available in white and so can be coloured easily.

The Pros and the Cons

Firstly, Tungsten Carbide looks unique, but the fact that it is a hard metal means that it is also very brittle and can crack when hit against hard surfaces. Also linked with this fact is that tungsten carbide, therefore, cannot be resized, so you need to make sure you get the right size (and don't lose or gain weight if you want to wear it forever!).

It has a high tensile strength which means that it won’t scratch and its shine will stand the test of time too!

The Best Buys

Now that you know a bit about the material of these stunning rings let's have a look at our rather long short list of the best tungsten carbide rings to buy out there today. You may just find your favourite!

1# 8MM Hawaiian Koa Wood and Abalone Shell Insert Tungsten Carbide Ring

    Hawaiian Koa Wood Ring

    This beautiful sea and nature-inspired ring in intricate with abalone shell placed between Koa wood inlays. The addition of two silver sections enhances the stunning colours of the shell. The combination of all three makes this not only unique but glamorous and classy too.

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    2# Rose Colour Coated Tungsten Carbide with Offset Brushed Matte Surface and Groove Ring

    Rose Color Coated Tungsten Carbide with Offset Brushed Matte Surface and Groove Ring

      This two-tone ring is classic and cool. For both men and women, the brushed black matte surface complements a rose gold coloured groove in a fantastic juxtaposition. The bright interior feels soft on the finger, perfectly complementing this simple, elegant design.

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      3# 8mm Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring with Hawaiian Wood Inlay and Opal Filled Centre

      8mm Black Tungsten Carbide with Hawaiian Wood Inlay and Opal Filled Center Wedding Ring

        This unusual wedding ring is certainly unique and will stand the test of time. It has an opal filled inlay separated by Hawaiian wood sections. The opal inlay has an intricate pattern, rather resembling some contemporary street art or graffiti. The well-polished tungsten carbide in a black finish is extremely smooth and comfortable on your finger, which is what you need with a wedding ring to wear every day.

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        4# Tungsten Carbide Silver Coated Dark Wood and Cubic Zirconia Wedding Ring

        Dark Wood Inlay with Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide and CZ Stone Wedding Ring

          This beautiful ring is modest and classy and works well as a wedding band for couples who like the combination of new and old. The Koa wood is set in silver-coated tungsten carbide with a small cubic zirconia stone to mimic a belt buckle.

          GET FROM HERE for £42.98

          5# Dome Shaped Two-Tone Gold and Silver Plated Tungsten Carbide Ring

          8mm Two-Tone Silver and Gold Plated Grooved, Domed Shape Tungsten Carbide Ring

            This ring is effortless in its beauty. The superior craftsmanship makes this a stunning engagement or wedding band for women and men alike with a unique combination of silver and gold which reflects the light beautifully. The center is gold-plated with a smooth surface making it one of the most comfortable rings to wear.

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            6# Tungsten Band Coated with Brushed Matte Silver with Silver-Plated Meteorite

            Silver Coated Brushed Matte Tungsten Band with Silver Plated Meteorite Ring

              This band is ideal for the fashion-conscious woman or man thanks to its superior style and class. The meteorite inlay sparkles in the light and has an unusual engraved arrow design similar to that of cupid meaning that it is perfect for any of the loved-up couples out there. The tungsten is coated in silver and well-polished on the inside making it perfectly soft on the delicate skin of the finger.

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              7# Black Brushed Matte with Yellow-Gold Coating on an 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring

              8mm Offset Black Brushed Matte & Yellow Gold Coated Tungsten Carbide Surface

                This ring catches the eye of any art lover or racer thanks to its race tyre appearance. The black brushed surface is combined with a thin gold line with a gold inner surface that is unmistakably smooth and comfortable to wear.

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                8# Brushed Silver Coated Ring with gold-coated stripes

                Unequaled Strip Brushed Matte Silver Coated Tungsten Gold Coated Grooved Pipe Cut Wedding Band

                  This ring combines gold and silver in a stunning unequal stripe design which brings uniqueness to your wedding day. Measuring 8mm, it has two gold grooved strips in a unique offset pattern with silver coated brushed matte tungsten surface. Inside it is coated with super smooth gold, blended neatly at the edges. This really is a thing of beauty!

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                  9# Unisex Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band in Black and Rose Gold

                  8mm Unisex Black and Rose Gold-Coated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                    This double-toned wedding band is silver plated with a brushed finish to its surface. It makes an ideal engagement or wedding band yet it stylish and chic. The warmth of the rose gold coating makes it stand out from the crowd.

                    GET FROM HERE for £41.98

                    10# Offset Pipe Cut Rose Gold-Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring

                    Rose Gold Color Tungsten Carbide Offset Pipe Cut Brushed Matte Ring

                      This brushed-silver matte ring has thin strips in a rose gold groove along the ring with silver edges creating a thing of beauty thanks to the unique contrast. The well-polished inside and edges make it comfortable wear as well as being a true representation of the perfection that life can hold.

                      GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                      11# Dome-Shaped Tungsten Carbide Black Wedding or Engagement Band

                      Men’s Black Dome Shape Tungsten Wedding Engagement Ring

                        Express your dark side with this stunning brushed black ring. It’s deep and unique and stands out for those of us who love a bit of black. The inner edge is shiny and smooth making it a comfortable and easy wear for every day.

                        GET FROM HERE for £40.98

                        12# Silver Meteorite and Real Wood Tungsten Ring

                        Tungsten Ring with Real Wood and Silver Meteorite Inlay

                          This masculine, handsome ring is perfect for the man in your life. 8mm round with a pattern of silver-coated meteorite and wood, it is a piece of perfection. The dome shape and stainless steel edging which separates the silver-coated meteorite and wood is exquisite, and it would make an ideal gift for the man in your life.

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                          13# Silver Dragon Gold Plated Carbon Fibre Wedding Ring

                          Gold Plated with Silver Dragon Design over Black Carbon Fiber Wedding Band

                            This beautiful gold-plated band with a silver-coated Celtic dragon pattern on top of a black carbon inset has bevelled edges which capture the light perfectly. This ring is a perfect mix of craftsmanship and design, producing a stunning result.

                            GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                            14# Dragon 8mm Blue Wedding Band or Engagement ring with Comfort Fit

                            Dragon Design Men’s 8mm Blue Comfort fit Wedding Band Engagement Ring

                              The black carbon dragon design is set on a sea-blue base creating an elegant and sharp contrast in this ring. Sandwiched between well-crafted carbon fibre, this ring has a tungsten inlay giving you the best possible comfort on your finger.

                              GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                              15# Black Carbon Fiber Engagement Ring in Comfort Fit

                              8mm Black Carbon Fiber Inlay Comfort Fit Engagement Ring

                                This beautiful 8mm ring with a basket weave pattern is a perfect choice for an elegant and unusual design. The inlay's surround is made from silver-coated tungsten carbide, polished with smooth edging with a blue inner surface designed to radiate style and bravery.

                                GET FROM HERE for £40.98

                                16# Flat Purple Elegant Ring

                                8mm Elegant Flat Purple Ring For Men

                                  Fashion-driven men look no further! This flat cut elegant purple ring has a brushed black matte surface and has comfortable, smooth edges for a perfect fit for long-term wear.

                                  GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                  17# Gold-Coated Tungsten Flat Cut 18mm Geometric Pattern in brushed matte

                                  8mm Flat Cut Gold Coated Tungsten with Brushed Matte Geometric pattern Wedding Ring

                                    Colour, flair, dimension and geometrical shapes are what makes this ring unique. The gold-coated ring wows the wearer with its mix of hexagons connected in a design that is both elegant and beautiful. Each hexagon is unique in its colour too!

                                    GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                    18# Three Cubic Zirconia stones set in black polished Tungsten Carbide

                                    8mm Black Polished Tungsten Carbide Ring with Three CZ Stones

                                      It’s simple and unique. Made from tungsten carbide with polished inner and outer surfaces, this black ring has a trio of cubic zirconia stones in the centre ring to enhance its simple beauty.

                                      GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                      19# Stepped Brushed Centre Ring with Gold-plated edges in pure Tungsten Carbide

                                      Pure Tungsten Carbide with Stepped Brushed Matte Center with Gold Plated Edges Wedding Ring

                                        The gold-plated surface of this ring is well polished and smooth, shining through to making this an excellent choice for a wedding or engagement ring. The surfaces are brushed matte and have bevelled edges in gold-plate. It’s a truly stunning ring, perfect for those very special of occasions.

                                        GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                        20# Green Inlay with Black Polished Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                        8mm Black Polished Tungsten Carbide with a Green Inlay Wedding Ring

                                          The green inlay in this polished black tungsten carbide ring resembles green grass, which is all the more symbolic for those marrying in the springtime outdoors. This green inlay has shiny black tungsten carbide surrounding it with added definition and structure thanks to the bevelled edges of the ring.

                                          GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                          21# Black Tungsten Carbide 10mm Green Inlay ring with dual brushed matte surface

                                          10mm Black Tungsten Carbide with Dual Brushed Matte Surface and Green Inlay Rings

                                            This ring adds colour to any occasion thanks to its green inlay in a beautiful combination with brushed matte black tungsten carbide. The smooth edges and the way they flow into the green inlay makes for a truly stunning combination that really will add colour to your life.

                                            GET FROM HERE for £57.98

                                            22# Opal Inlay Ring in Black Tungsten Carbide

                                            Black Tungsten Carbide with Opal Inlay Wedding Ring

                                              This stunning ring is all about the shine and sparkle with a colourful and unique opal inlay. The black polished tungsten carbide holds the contrasting panel well, making it a thing of beauty and elegance. It will add brightness and shine to any outfit, whatever the occasion.

                                              GET FROM HERE for £62.98

                                              23# Gold Plated Two Stripe Ring with Black Brushed Matte Tungsten Carbide

                                              8mm Classic Black Brushed Matte Tungsten Carbide with Two Gold Plated Stripes Wedding Ring

                                                It’s a classic combination of simplicity and beauty. The two stripes of gold-plated tungsten carbide add a touch of elegance and class to a regular black brushed matte ring. It’s a winning combination for sure! Smooth and comfortable, it can be worn for any occasion.

                                                GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                                24# Crystal Stone Black Carbon Fibre and Silver Tungsten Ring

                                                Silver Tungsten Metal with Black Carbon Fiber and Crystal Stones Wedding Rings

                                                  A rare beauty of a ring, this 8mm ring is made from a silver tungsten carbide band with an elegant basket weave pattern in the inlay. This is separated with a silver stripe and adorned with small crystal stones which add elegance and sophistication to what is already a beautiful ring. It's a stunningly unique piece.

                                                  GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                                  25# Rose Tungsten 4mm Ring with Opal Inlay

                                                  4mm Rose Color Tungsten Metal with Opal Inlay Wedding Rings

                                                    This smaller ring has a multi-colour inlay thanks to the stunning opal that it is made from. It's surrounded by rose-gold coloured tungsten carbide for comfortable and smooth wear on your finger. The opal is unique and innovative and is a beauty to behold. Perfect for your wedding day!

                                                    GET FROM HERE for £41.98

                                                    26# Rainbow Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring with a brushed black matte surface

                                                    8mm Rainbow Color Coated Tungsten Carbide with Two Black Brushed Matte Surface

                                                      This ring is stunning! It's coated in rainbow coloured tungsten, sending light all around like light through crystal prisms. It is surrounded by two brushed matte surface rings with a sneak-peak section at the edges allowing you to see this amazing rainbow colouring!

                                                      GET FROM HERE for £42.98 

                                                      27# Abalone Shell with Tungsten Steel and Electroplated Black Cubic Zirconia

                                                      Natural Abalone Shell Tungsten Steel with Electroplated Black Cubic Zirconia Ring

                                                        This stunning, exotic ring with natural abalone shell is really something special. Onlookers will not fail to gasp in awe at seeing such a beautiful 6mm ring. Suitable for a wedding band, this ring has an abalone shell inlay which really takes you beneath the ocean thanks to the different blues which are surrounded by black tungsten carbide. That’s not all! There’s a rainbow cubic zirconia stone which adds to this ring’s elegance too.

                                                        GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                        28# Stained Glass Patterned Inlay with Tungsten Carbide

                                                        4mm Beautiful Stained Glass Pattern Inlay with Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                                                          If stained glass art and design is your thing, then this magnificent ring will be right up your street. This special ring has a beautiful rainbow coloured inlay surrounded by black tungsten carbide with an exquisitely smooth interior. It’s one of the smaller sized rings so is perfectly suited to those who wear multiple rings or have smaller fingers.

                                                          GET FROM HERE for £56.98

                                                          29# Geometric Silver with Golder Brown Centre, Silver-Coated Tungsten Carbide ring

                                                          Golden Brown Center with Geometric Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                                                            A golden brown matte centre makes this tungsten carbide ring a real talking piece. Two silver grooves lead its beautiful shaped band, complementing the centre band colour perfectly. Its well-polished inner layer means it's comfortable and smooth wear all the year through.

                                                            GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                            30# Pure Tungsten Carbide Ring in a Brushed Matte Finish

                                                            8mm Brushed Matte Pure Tungsten Carbide Wedding Rings

                                                              This classic ring is simple with a brushed matte finish with a shiny central groove. It is offset with tungsten metal which radiates in light producing a stunning piece of jewellery. It can be used as a wedding or engagement band as well as making a wonderful gift for your loved one.

                                                              GET FROM HERE for £37.98

                                                              31# Brick Patterned Brushed Tungsten Carbide in Blue

                                                              8mm Brick Brushed Pattern Tungsten carbide with Blue Color Wedding Ring

                                                                This ring measures 8mm and will wow your friends. The rectangular brick pattern has an elongated rectangle design with a well-polished and smooth finish. The brick design in the middle is brushed in an opposite direction which contrasts perfectly with the edges on them. The centre inside is electric blue, shining brightly to complement this ring’s stunning design.

                                                                GET FROM HERE for £45.98

                                                                32# Blue Basket Weave with Black Vines Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                Black Vines on Blue Basket Weave Inlay Tungsten carbide Wedding Ring

                                                                  This is a stunning and exotic piece which is both graceful as well as glamorous. It has a real wow factor with the vine pattern which is laid upon a beautiful blue inlay and has complementary black tungsten carbide edges.

                                                                  GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                                                  33# Black Double Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring with Celtic Dragon Pattern

                                                                  Double Inlay Black Tungsten Carbide with Dragon Celtic Pattern Wedding Ring

                                                                    Wow! This piece is truly mind-blowing! This ring not only shines and shines it has two inlays. One inlay is a basket weave pattern which is translucent on top of which is a gold-plated dragon. The Celtic design really adds to this ring’s shine and appeal. Inside the ring is shiny gold-plated tungsten carbide, complementing the darker outer surfaces perfectly.

                                                                    GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                    34# Hard Mahogany with White and Polished Silver Tungsten Carbide

                                                                    8mm Hard Mahogany Inlay with White Polished Silver Tungsten carbide Wedding Ring

                                                                      Two grooves form this silver tungsten carbide ring with strips of fine mahogany as the inlay. It is truly spectacular to behold. Clean surfaces make this white metal glisten in the sun, making it a perfect choice for the outdoorsy type.

                                                                      GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                                      35# Grooved Black and Blue Tungsten Carbide ring

                                                                      8mm Blue Center with Grooved Black Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                                                                        This ring is so much more than black edging and blue inlays. The centre strip is like thread spun around a black wheel. Little grooves separate the centre from the bevelled smooth edges making this piece a true ring of beauty.

                                                                        GET FROM HERE for £46.98

                                                                        36# Yellow Gold and Black Brush 8mm Matte Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                        8mm Black Brushed Matte Tungsten Carbide with Yellow Gold Coated Surface Wedding Ring

                                                                          A pipe-cut ring in brushed black tungsten carbide with smooth, polished edges. The yellow-gold plating ensures that it is not only distinguished and attractive, but it will also stand the test of time and will be a piece of true longevity.

                                                                          GET FROM HERE for £46.00

                                                                          37# Two Tone, Two Layer Ring with a Brushed Silver Matte Surface and Blue Interior

                                                                          8mm Two Layers, Two Tone Silver Brushed Matte Surface with Blue Interior Wedding Band

                                                                          This 8mm tungsten carbide ring is electrifying with its gorgeous blue colour. Two rings combine to form this stunning piece with an inner side that is smooth and well-polished and an outer side that is silver, rich and soft in texture. It’s a wonder to behold it!

                                                                          GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                                          38# Pipe-Cut Tungsten Carbide Unisex Silver-Coated Ring

                                                                          8mm Unisex Silver Coated Tungsten Pipe Cut Wedding Ring

                                                                            This ring is suitable for both sexes thanks to its simple but beautiful design. Made from tungsten carbide this ring is smooth and pure and perfectly suited to a wedding or engagement ring.

                                                                            GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                                            39# His and Hers Bevelled Edge Ring with Wooden Inlay

                                                                            8mm Him and Her Beveled Edges Wood Inlay Tungsten Wedding Rings

                                                                              Inspired by nature, this wood inlay is surrounded by polished silver tungsten carbide with smooth, bevelled edges to attract the light and enhance the wooden inlay’s appearance. It’s a stunning piece, perfect for a wedding band for the nature lovers among us.

                                                                              GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                              40# Blue and Black Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                              8mm Black and Blue Carbon Fiber Inlay with Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                This beautifully polished ring is coated with silver and has an inlay made from carbon fibre. The middle strip is a block-patterned blue groove which is perfectly suited to those who love art and simple designs in their jewellery.

                                                                                GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                                                                41# Blue and Black Brushed Matte Silver Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                8mm Black and Blue Silver Brushed Matte Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                  With three colours and three designs on this ring, it really is a treasure to behold. The 8mm surface has a blue tungsten carbide layer with two brushed silver stripes and black shiny tungsten carbide at the edges. It’s unique and simple and will suit both men and women who are searching for a unique and stylish piece.

                                                                                  GET FROM HERE for £42.98

                                                                                  42# Rose and Black Plated Ring made from Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                  8mm Black Plated Tungsten Carbide with Rose Wedding Ring

                                                                                    Apparently, black rings are beginning to replace gold in terms of their popularity, so this black tungsten carbide ring with rose gold is right up there with the best of them. Its smooth and polished inner ring feels silky on the skin, and therefore this ring would make a great choice for a wedding ring or ring for long-term wear.

                                                                                    GET FROM HERE for £42.98

                                                                                    43# Silver-Coated 6mm Tungsten Carbide Ring with Double Blue Groove

                                                                                    6mm Silver Coated Tungsten Metal with Double Blue Groove Wedding Ring

                                                                                      This 6mm ring with two blue grooves says class and elegance at first glance. It is coated in silver in a brushed matte finish for that simple and chic look.

                                                                                      GET FROM HERE for £45.98

                                                                                      44# Silver Matte 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring with a Blue Groove

                                                                                      8mm Silver Matte Tungsten Carbide Surface with Blue Groove Wedding Ring

                                                                                        Stand out from the crowd with this stunning piece. It’s simple and 8mm wide with a brushed matte silver finish. There is a thin groove of blue tungsten carbide to add shine and wow-factor to this elegant ring. The interior is polished and smooth, and it feels comfortable even after long-term wear.

                                                                                        GET FROM HERE for £41.98

                                                                                        45# Three Blue Grooves on Silver-Coated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                        8mm Three Blue Groove with Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Silver Ring

                                                                                          This ring appeals to many but may be of special appeal to those who love driving, wheels or car racing thanks to its three beautiful blue ridges which give it an appearance rather like a tyre. The three blue ridges are accompanied four silver brushed matte strips, giving this ring a truly elegant look.

                                                                                          GET FROM HERE for £45.98

                                                                                          46# Silver Brushed Matte and Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring with Offset Double Groove

                                                                                          Double Groove Offset Silver Brushed Matte Blue Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                                                                                            The three silver-coated stripes are accompanied by blue grooves and smooth edges in a perfect combination. The inner side is smooth and well-polished for completely soft and smooth wear all the year through. If you're looking for a wedding ring with a difference, then this one would be a great choice.

                                                                                            GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                                                                            47# Geometric Facets and Abalone Colour Inlay Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                            8mm Elegant Abalone Color Inlay with Geometric Facets Band Tungsten Wedding Ring

                                                                                              This 8mm classic and elegant ring is mesmerising thanks to the stunning watercolour-effect inlay. The black rhombus-patterned band will stand out from the crowd and really give you a wow-factor! It sits smoothly and comfortably on the finger thanks to its well-polished inside.

                                                                                              GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                                                                              48# Cubic Zirconia and Blue Block Silver-Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                              8mm Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring with CZ Stone and Blue Block Pattern Inlay Wedding Band

                                                                                                This would make a perfect choice for your wedding ring or even a unique engagement ring. It has an elegant plaid inlay in a water-blue colour with white sections to give a unique look. The inlay is wrapped in silver-coated tungsten carbide with a cubic zirconia stone that sparkles in the light, adding some pizzazz to this stunning piece.

                                                                                                GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                                                49# Blue Brushed Matte 8mm Tungsten Carbide Ring with Silver Insert

                                                                                                8mm Blue Brushed Matte Tungsten Carbide with Silver Insert Wedding Ring

                                                                                                  If you love all things blue, then this blue tungsten carbide ring will be right up your street. It is blue all over save for a silver-coated strip at the edges and the middle giving it a stunning point of contrast.

                                                                                                  GET FROM HERE for £39.98

                                                                                                  50# Brushed Black Matte Stepped Tungsten Carbide Ring with Yellow Gold

                                                                                                  8mm Stepped Brushed Matte Black Tungsten Carbide with Black Edges and Yellow Gold Color Insert Ring

                                                                                                    This shiny yellow gold and matte black tungsten carbide ring is a lovely compliment to your every-day wear as well as making a stunning and unique wedding band. The outer layer is made in a brushed matte finish with a shiny and smooth yellow gold interior making it a comfortable wear for those of us with the most sensitive of skin on the fingers. The edges are bevelled into shiny a shiny silver finish making this a stunning addition to your jewellery collection.

                                                                                                    GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                                                    51# Dome-Shaped 6mm Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                                    6mm Dome Shape Brushed Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                                      There's black, and then there's the shiny black of this domed tungsten carbide ring. The inner lining is stunning and exquisite, making you really stand out from the crowd. At 6mm, this ring is small and simple, having a lovely comfortable fit around the finger. The outer surfaces are in a brushed matte finish adding a touch of simplicity to what is a beautifully classy ring.

                                                                                                      GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                                                                      52# Black Tungsten Carbide 8mm Ring with Rose Groove

                                                                                                      8mm All Black Tungsten Carbide Ring with Rose Groove Wedding Band

                                                                                                        This rose striped ring adds a bit of pink to an all-black surface and would suit both ladies and men alike thanks to its soft finish. The outer surface is brushed with irregular designs to add some subtle detail to its surface. It’s stunning and exceptionally comfortable and would make a beautiful gift for the loved one in your life.

                                                                                                        GET FROM HERE for £46.98

                                                                                                        53# Two-Tone Wood Ring with Ingrained Arrow design in Silver-Coated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                        Two-Tone Wood Inlay with Ingrained Arrow Design Silver Coated Tungsten Carbide Wedding Ring

                                                                                                          Intricate artwork is adorned on this beautifully crafted ring. The ancient arrow is made from silver-coated tungsten carbide and is ingrained in the wood inlay, which is made with Koa wood. The two tone-coloured inlay really sets it apart from other rings of its type.

                                                                                                          GET FROM HERE for £43.98

                                                                                                          #54 Turquoise and Natural Wood Inlay with Silver-plated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                          8mm Natural Wood and Turquoise Inlay with Silver Plate Tungsten Carbide Wedding Band

                                                                                                            This beautiful 8mm ring is stunning in its combination of turquoise and natural wood, creating a link between love and emotions. It’s an exotic combination and one that will truly stun your peers. The inlay also has three silver-coated additional bands on the surface of the ring with the centre one separating the two inlays. It really is a thing of beauty.

                                                                                                            GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                                                            55# Water-Colour Blue and Silver-polished Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                                            8mm Blue Water Color Carbon Fiber Inlay with Silver Polished Tungsten Carbide Metal

                                                                                                              It's beautiful, it's blue, and it's silver-polished. What’s not to like? The blue brick stripe is made from carbon fibre and is a stunning addition to a silver-polished ring. It would be a perfect addition to those whose love all things blue.

                                                                                                              GET FROM HERE for £45.98

                                                                                                              56# Reindeer Drawings on a Dark Wood Inlay with Rose-Gold Coated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                              Dark Wood Inlay with Rein Deer Drawings on Rose Color Gold Coated Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                                                Artistic and beautiful, this stunning reindeer design ring would be perfect for a Christmas Present or one for your nature-loving loved one. It has a dark wood inlay with stainless steel deer grazing on the wooded field. The band and inner surface are made from shiny rose-gold coated tungsten carbide.

                                                                                                                GET FROM HERE for £48.98

                                                                                                                57# Meteorite Inlay with Silver-Coated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                                Superior Silver Coated Tungsten and Silver Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band

                                                                                                                  This is simply stunning and superior. It’s an 8mm tungsten carbide ring coated in silver and boy does is shine. The glassy imitated meteorite is silver and transparent, and it is held in place with the silver strips in the same finish as the shiny inner side. It’s a wonder to behold.

                                                                                                                  GET FROM HERE for £47.98

                                                                                                                  58# Meteorite Arrow Inlay in Gold-Plated Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                                  Gold Plated Bound Tungsten Carbide with Meteorite Inlay and Arrow Design Engraved Ring

                                                                                                                    This stunning ring has a silver meteorite inlay with a beautiful ancient arrow made from gold-plated tungsten carbide that adds shine. This dome-shaped ring has an underside and edges are gold plated to making it a perfect finish which would look amazing on any bride or groom.

                                                                                                                    GET FROM HERE for £46.98

                                                                                                                    59# Silver-Plated Tungsten Carbide Ring with Carbon Fibre and Meteorite Silver-Plated Inlay

                                                                                                                    Tungsten Carbide Silver-plated Ring With Blue Carbon Fiber and Silver-plated Meteorite Inlay

                                                                                                                      This is a stunning piece that will blow you away. It has blue carbon fibre with silver-plated meteorite which shouts love, class, and royalty. It’s a two-tone ring with a silver step up from the inner with a basket-weave blue-coloured inlay. Simply beautiful!

                                                                                                                      GET FROM HERE for £44.98

                                                                                                                      60# Rose-Gold Coated Unisex Meteorite and Blue Carbon Fibre Inlay Ring

                                                                                                                      Unisex Rose Gold-Coated, Blue Carbon Fiber and Meteorite Inlay Wedding Band

                                                                                                                        This on-trend rose-gold band is a gorgeous piece thanks to its blue basket weave carbon fibre and dome-shaped silver meteorite inlay. It would suit both women and men alike for any special occasion or even as a wedding band.

                                                                                                                        GET FROM HERE for £46.98

                                                                                                                        61# Unisex Wood Inlay and Gloss Finished Arrow with Rose-Gold Tungsten Carbide

                                                                                                                        Men and Women Gloss Finish Wood Inlay Arrow Design Rose Gold Tungsten Wedding Band

                                                                                                                          The delicate arrow in this ring is ingrained into a polished glass, or so it seems! The ring has such a glossy finish that you would be surprised to hear it is not glass at all. The reflection of the polished rose gold plated tungsten carbide is simply a sight to behold. The dome-shaped ring is durable despite being made from wood imitation and would look amazing on any finger.

                                                                                                                          GET FROM HERE for £48.98

                                                                                                                          62# Blue Light Tungsten Carbide Glow-in-the-dark Ring with Dragon Inlay

                                                                                                                          Glow in The Dark Spinner Ring with Dragon Inlay and Blue Light Tungsten Carbide Ring

                                                                                                                            This will have everyone come running. The stunning black tungsten carbide is well polished and is joined with a royal blue carbon fibre inlay with a carbon-fibre coated stainless steel black dragon pattern around the ring. It glows in the dark too to add another dimension to its beauty.

                                                                                                                            GET FROM HERE for £35.98

                                                                                                                            63# Titanium Gold-Plated Dragon Design Ring with a Wood Inlay Band

                                                                                                                            8mm Black Edge Titanium Gold Plated Dragon Design on Wood Inlay Band for Men and Women

                                                                                                                              This 8mm ring is suitable for both men and women with its elegance and classic grace. Its black, exotic double-layer titanium has a gold-plated dragon design on the wood inlay, which would make a stunning wedding band.

                                                                                                                              GET FROM HERE for £38.98

                                                                                                                              64# Red and Black Dragon Unisex Ring

                                                                                                                              Unisex Tungsten Red and Black Dragon Wedding Band

                                                                                                                                This ring has a wonderful Celtic scribbling design in an 8mm ring with shiny bevelled edges. The Celtic Dragon-like design is in black and red which really sets it apart from other rings out there. 

                                                                                                                                GET FROM HERE for £45.98

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