22 Unique Elephant Jewellery Offers to Shop

22 Unique Elephant Jewellery Offers to Shop

Elephants, one of the world’s largest and majestic terrestrial mammals of today. It is no wonder that it a popular charm design in today’s pieces of jewellery.  Elephant jewellery is probably the most versatile type of design that covers aspects of life such as relationships, individuality and religious meanings.

Elephant jewellery comes in different forms like a necklace, the mother and child design is one of the most famous elephant necklace design out there. This reflects a mother’s love for her child. Another form is the Ganesha inspired elephant ring, this has a bit of a punk appeal made for men. Charm bracelets are also available wherein an elephant charm pairs with healing stones and other ornaments to complement each other’s symbolism.

Elephant jewellery generally speaks of an elephant’s character, big and strong. It denotes a variety of connotation from wisdom to luck. It also represents an elephant God in Hinduism. In this article, we shall understand the reasons behind all the symbolism of elephant jewellery, learn about charms and chakra stone best combined with an elephant charm, and look at some adorable pieces of elephant jewellery available on the market.

We have catalogue our Top 22 Elephant Jewelry of 2020 just for you.

  1. Gold & Silver CZ Mother and Child Elephant Necklace

A mother’s love has no boundaries much like this heartwarming mother and child elephant fashioned from gold and silver-plated alloy base. Glossy and smooth golden baby elephant bounded by sparkling silver-plated cubic zirconia paved mother elephant, secured with a durable and lightweight gold-plated cable chain necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Chakra Beads Silver-Plated Elephant Locket Necklace

Harness the energy of the universe with this circular locket with an elephant design. Heal your soul with these colourful chakra beads available in 12 vibrant colours, protected by a silver-plated alloy locket frame with a hollow carved elephant design. Enjoy its satin-smooth finish completed with a 30-inch cable chain necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Lucky Elephant Pendant Necklace

Bring home this Thai inspired elephant pendant assembled with a compact and flexible rope chain necklace accentuated with an extended drop chain lobster-claw closure. Beautifully fashioned from a premium-grade stainless alloy base plated with ancient silver or gold depicting a lifelike replica of a cheerful Asian elephant of Thailand known to bring luck and love. Buy HERE

  1. Gold-Plated Elephant Hollow Map Pendant Necklace

Take Africa home with you with this gold-plated African elephant pendant on a golden cut out of the map of Africa.  See the detailed carvings of the majestic African elephant built with a high-quality alloy base. The pendant comes with a smooth and lustrous cable chain necklace. Look and feel like a queen with this luxurious looking piece of neck accessory. Buy HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Long Life Elephant Pendant Necklace

This majestic moulded Asian elephant has been the national symbol of Thailand.  See every crease and wrinkle of this immaculately moulded three-dimensional Asian elephant oxidized to accentuate each carving. Shiny and evenly plated with silver metal pendant paired with an elegant silver-tone chain necklace, a neckpiece suitable for both male and female. Buy HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Elephant Head Turquoise CZ Pendant Necklace

Express the elephant within you with this magnificent elephant pendant.  Intimidating elephant head with intricately carved festooned elephant head highlighted with a circular-cut turquoise cubic zirconia crystal. Silver-plated zinc alloy base hand polished to a lustrous textures surface emphasized with dark shadow for a highly detailed appearance. Buy HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Round Mother & Child Elephant Necklace

Check this heartening and cute moulding of a mother and child elephants rounded bums, lustrously polished sterling silver for a refined and elegant look.  Hypoallergenic, suitable for children and adults as a sweet token of love and appreciation. Equipped with a lightweight and robust cable chain necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Chakra Beads Blue Elephant Charm Bracelet

Choose your charm and chakra stones to elevate your spiritual healing through meditation with this exquisite multi-charm bracelet.  Fashioned from a sterling silver base rope cord secured by a hidden clasp. Vibrant cubic zirconia coloured crystals paved on round silver beads and immaculately engraved charms for luck, love, protection and peace of mind. Buy HERE

  1. Modern Double Band Chain Rope Elephant Lotus Bracelet

This bohemian-inspired bracelet goes perfectly well with your relaxed summer outfits. Featuring a charming elephant pendant held by a silver chain teaming up with a stunning lotus charm hanging on a double-strand white cord and secured together by a durable lobster hook clasp. Buy HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Heart Elephant Charm Bracelet

You would surely love this highly decorated charm chain bracelet. Exquisitely made from silver and gold-plated alloy base, festooned with a series of engraves elephant charms alternately set with tribal-inspired engraved heart pendants and small space beads. Highly polished surface built with a fashionable extended chain dangle for aesthetics and adjustability. Buy HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Multi-Charm Elephant Chakra Bead Bracelet

We bring you seventeen pieces of charm bracelets in different combination; choose your colour and charms with this impressive pendant bracelet built with a silver rope cord with a hidden clasp. These beautiful pieces are offered in five sizes for a relaxed and comfortable fit. Highly engraved nature-inspired charms combined with coloured crystal beads, creates a delicate flair that would undoubtedly complement your sophisticated style. Buy HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Mother & Child Stud Earrings

Wear matching earrings and show your love with this modestly fashioned mother and child stud earring. Hypoallergenic and lightweight suitable for children and adults. Fashioned from a 92.5% sterling silver base with a gorgeously etched plump mother and child elephant highlighted with black engravings. Equipped with a flat butterfly push back to hold the pieces securely in place. Buy HERE

  1. Gold Silver-Plated Titanium Elephant Stud Earrings

Your daughter would undoubtedly love these adorable elephant stud earrings made from silver or gold-plated titanium base. Durable and hypoallergenic, built with a flat circular push back for a secure and comfortable fit. This child-friendly elephant-shaped design exhibits a cute and young flair is safe to wear even while playing. Buy HERE

  1. Hollow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Stud Earrings

Have a look at this petite and elegant elephant stud set of earring fashioned from a sterling silver base. IP plated with luxurious yellow gold with a brilliant circular-cur cubic zirconia accent.

The hollow elephant-shaped style creates a sophisticated aura without the heavy feel. Buy HERE

  1. Daunting Titanium Elephant Head Ring

For all the males out there, we bring you this tribal-inspired elephant ring to complete your rugged look. Wear this with your jeans, t-shirt and a long-chained necklace to achieve a hip look. See the detailed elephant features of an elephant head from the soft creases of its skin to its pointed tusk. Moulded from a heavy-duty titanium base for long-lasting wear. Buy HERE

  1. Elephant God Thailand Sterling Silver Ring

Loving this intricately designed Ganesh signet ring for men. Gorgeously patterned sterling silver base decorated with a gold-toned lotus flower on the side surmounted with a detailed replica of an embossed Ganesh figure on a black oxidized black backdrop. Offered in twelve different sizes and at an affordable price. Buy HERE

  1. Rose-Gold Silver-Plated Elephant Herd Ring

Catch this endearing and trendy elephant ring made from an IP plated alloy base.  Lustrous silver and rose-gold plated exterior combined with impeccably moulded elephant figures joined to form a fancy looking ring. The smooth and shiny surface creates a clean and fresh looking ring to complement your candle-like, long and slim finger. Buy HERE

  1. Gold Silver-Plated Elephant Protection Ring

Fabulous in design and colour, this lustrously plated elephant ring is guaranteed to emphasize your delicate hand. Featuring a series of elephant-shaped figures connected to form a circle depicting a migrating herd. Made from a copper base material plated with thick and even layer of silver or gold metal coating for a luxurious and glossy surface. Buy HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Life Cycle Elephant Herd Ring

Have a look at this family-oriented elephant herd ring that features the young and the old as they journey through life. Built from a high-quality sterling silver base moulded with connecting elephant figures in different sizes. Faultlessly shaped figures accentuated by blacked oxidized silver to contrast the mirror-like polished surface. A dainty looking ring made specifically for women. Buy HERE

  1. Vintage Sterling Silver Elephant Open Ring

Rock this old fashion elephant ring designed with an adjustable open end.  Flawlessly embossed elephant figures designed with a wheat border with a blackened oxidize silver accent. Fashioned from a sterling silver base for hypoallergenic and long-lasting wear. Buy HERE

  1. Luminous Gold Elephant Tungsten Ring

This fun and fresh glow in the dark ring would put a big smile on your loved ones face. Wear this at night and see luminous green light highlighting a line of lovely elephant figures. Made from durable and robust tungsten carbide base with corrosion and rust-resistant property that is easy to clean and polish. Buy HERE

  1. Elephant God Thailand Silver-Plated Protection Ring

Put punk on your casual outfits with this tribal-inspired elephant ring. Paired with your blue jeans and t-shirt, it gives a strong and manly appeal. Featuring a detailed replica of an elephant’s head highlighting the soft wrinkles of its skin and its sharp and pointy tusk. Shaped from a heavy-duty titanium base that is corrosion and scratch-resistant for a long-lasting lustre as a smooth surface. Buy HERE

The symbolism of an Elephant Jewellery


Ganesha or Ganapati, known as the Lord of the people. He is a Hindu God characterized with an elephant head, potbelly with four hands holding a cup of sweets, a prayer bead necklace, a lotus flower and an axe. He is known to place and removes obstacles to in front of his followers to help them grow spiritually and mentally for his rounded belly symbolized the intake of both the positive and negative aspects of life. 

Long Life

The oldest elephant on record lived up to 86 years, an elephant is a symbol of long life. Its large ears, in particular, denoted a long life. Studies in humans correlate age with the size of a person’s ears. It is said that human ears grow for around 0.52-0.5 millimetre each year. The reason behind this phenomenon is that cartilages continue to alter as we grow older.


Elephants are known to have the biggest brains related to their body mass among terrestrial animals, he stands next to the sperm whale. With this in mind, elephants became a symbol of intelligence and good memory. Elephant can live up to 70 years on average; the phrase that says age comes with wisdom comes to mind. 


Elephants have large incisors or tusks. The tusk of an elephant is used for offence as well as defence, digging, gathering food and lifting objects. 


There are different types of elephant personality that elephant jewellery symbolizes. 

  • Leadership

Elephants are a born leader. Calm and intimidating. They have a strong personality and mind able to knock down tree and barriers as they continue with their journey. They are focused and does not let small things affect them. They stand their ground and defend their beliefs

  • Great Listener

Scientifically speaking, big ears provides superior hearing. Living in the wild, elephant learned how to be cautious. They use their large ears to listen for thuds and purrs from their surroundings. Even though they are the largest terrestrial animals, preys still lurks around them mainly when they have a calf. They are also cautious even from other elephant herds wherein the leader would purr louder as the other group comes closer. It is both a signal for his herd to be careful and a threat for the other male leader.

  • Violent temper

Elephants are gentle giants, but that does not mean that they do not have a temper and lose control. So do not get on their nerves for you would not want to see them lose it. Elephants are known to adoringly throw themselves on the ground to knock down trees during their tantrums. So be careful in making a person with an elephant personality mad for you would surely regret it.

  • Friendly and gentle

An elephant does not have a direct enemy. Even crocodiles are cautious of them.  Some predators like tigers would try to attack them when there is no more natural prey in sight but other than desperation and extreme hunger, these predators would instead attack some other small victims. Elephants themselves are thoughtful of other animals,

Videos and articles showing elephant hanging out with other elephants are quite common. The play around with their friends and even have a long soak with the especially during a hot day.

  • Familial

Do you know that elephants purr? Belly calls that can be heard for 50 km as a form of communication between elephants and serves as a signal for imminent danger. Elephants are loyal to their herd or family, they help each other, and this can be seen when there are young’s. When a cow (a female elephant) gives birth, the mother, together with other females, helps the calf stand on its feet and nurse to its mother. Together, they also protect their young’s even if they are not the mother.

Different Elephant Jewellery Styles and Their Meaning


Mother and Child Elephant

Female elephants can get pregnant when they reach twelve years of age. They carry their young for 22 months, which is the most prolonged gestational period for land walking mammals. You can just imagine the hardship and discomfort a pregnant elephant may feel as she travels on her pregnancy stage.

For humans, a mother and child elephant design denote unconditional love. A mother would use her mammary gland to give nourishment, intimidation to scare preys, tusk to fight and defend when necessary, and trunk to guide and her young. 


Elephant Herd Ring brings good fortune and wealth. In general anything significant symbolizes luck, what more a herd of elephants. It is a symbol of your journey to success. Skill, luck and courage, with all of these things working together towards the same goal, you would surely reach your dreams.


            Elephant Chakra Charm Bracelets

This type of bracelet incorporates both the elephant charm together with the healing power of the elephant chakra. This is considered to be a powerful chakra for an elephant charm reflects strength and power. Balance and security may result in wearing this type of charm bracelet. 

There are seven Chakras under the Elephant Chakra

  • Clear quartz

A healing stone for the mind. It protects the soul from any negative energy or evil force that tries to give anxiety and spiritual imbalance. This supports the crown chakra.

  • Amethyst

This helps to heal the body, specifically the nervous system.  This also supports the crown chakra and cure insomnia and bad dreams. It is a purifying stone to purify the mind from all the negative energy.

  • Lapis Lazuli

This is considered as a spiritual stone used by the healers of the past. This release stress and gives tranquillity and peace of mind. This inspires self-awareness and the confidence to speak one’s mind. Help to strengthen the immune system and headaches.

  • Bloodstone

This is a stone that supports the base chakra, which promotes balance, a rock to relieve anxiety and attract love and compassion. This helps with the function of the heart and detoxify internal organs removing blockage to realign the body’s healthy balance.

  • Tiger-eye

These beautiful stones releases fear and promote decision-making and understanding. As fear can cloud one’s resolution, this stone provides you with a clear mind without the interference of emotion that can cloud your judgment. The tiger’s eye harnesses the power of the sun and promotes balance.

  • Carnelian

Creativity, courage and constructive choices, a carnelian stone is a healing stone that supports the root chakra. It clears the mind and allows the free flow of spiritual energy through your body. Carnelian stones provide energy and motion; it helps with skin problems and digestion. This is best suited for people who were abused mentally and spiritually.

  • Black tourmaline

This is a cleansing and protection stone able to absorb negative energy while it blocks the negativity away. This helps activate the healing of the lower base chakra. This helps with panic attacks, motion sickness and improves your sense of smell. 

An elephant charm also goes well with other nature-inspired ornaments such as:

  • Snowflake

Purity and rebirth, this charm would totally go well with elephant charms. This combination is an excellent gift for birthdays or change of profession. This combination denotes a solid new beginning. A snowflake comes from the sky that indicates a blessing, by giving this type of elephant charm jewellery means a wish for a blessed and secure fresh beginning or transition in life. 

  • Butterfly

Magical and spiritual rebirth, a combination of charms for healing. Elephant chakra is known to bring balance, healing, and this work great with a spiritual reawakening. This is sweet for a friend who is suffering from a loss or is having difficulties in life. This would bring enlightenment and a peaceful mind and heart.

  • Rose

Thorns come with the sweet smell of roses, a symbol of fragility, hope and hardships in life. This goes well with an elephant charm to provide strength and power. This style reminds us to have faith after realizing the uncertainty of life and armour ourselves with a strong will to survive. 

  • Starfish

A starfish and elephant charm combination translates to resiliency and a strong personality. A starfish can undergo regeneration, and in life, you need to learn to be resilient and push through all the hardships and have an intense grit and personality to match. This is a lovely charm bracelet for women who are strong-willed and considerable goals in life to remind them that they are energetic and spirited. For women who are hurt, this serves as a lovely reminder that they are capable of healing, they just need to be strong-willed and continue their journey in life.

  • Ladybug

You can never get too much luck in life. Ladybugs are also a symbol of good luck and wealth, much like how an elephant is. So double the good fortune, double the happiness for a fun and colourful life.

  • Heart

A long-lasting love, this is what a heart and elephant charm denotes. Elephants treasures their family; they travel together, eat and are always by each other ready to help and protect one another. This combination is best for couples as a symbol of security, loyalty and intense love for one another. 

Elephant jewellery, whether it is in the form of a necklace, ring, bracelet or earrings symbolize a strong character and familial love. Its peaceful nature goes well with any other charm, as a talisman, it gives protection from evil spirits.  Overall, a piece of elephant jewellery is a universal kind of jewellery that covers all grounds from religious belief, spiritual healing and a unique personality. You can never go wrong with wearing elephant jewellery, thus go reward yourself and your love ones with adorable and charming pieces of elephant jewellery.

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