The Human Psychology of Jewelry and What it Speaks of Your Personality

The Human Psychology of Jewelry and What it Speaks of Your Personality

Did you know that the jewellery you are wearing right now or the lack of jewellery speaks something about your personality? Let us set the façade and face up to the reality that we are all a tad judgmental in some ways. It is innate to us humans to perceive things around us on the way it is presented. This why high-end brands invest in their packaging, store layouts, and even the models they employ on the advertisement to communicate that their products are made from the finest materials made explicitly for their exclusive ritzy customers. 

Your pieces of jewellery also speak of your personality even without you knowing it. The way you pair your earrings with your hairstyle or your necklaces with a dress. It all boils to your individuality and personality.

Understanding the Human Psychology of Jewelry

Why do people wear jewellery in the first place? It is uncomfortable, unnecessary and expensive, so what is the reason why in 2019, the global jewellery market reached 21 billion euros of sales? Jewellery is one of the earliest forms of body decoration. It is a form of expression of status like how a high-ranking person used to wear a torque necklace to convey his position. It was initially worn as amulets or charms to protect them for the evils spirits as those were times when people were highly superstitious. The amulet represents their strengths, and persona like a bear amulet represents a warrior and a robust body, or a lion as a hunter.

At present, most of our jewellery is made with a metal or alloy base ornamented with various selection of natural or manmade ornamental pieces. It evolved from a symbol of one's character to a figure wealth and style. Though even without us realizing it, the pieces of jewellery we choose still speaks of our nature and gives a peek of our personality.


Studies show that ninety-five per cent of the jewellery sold are made women, while the remaining five per cent are for men.

We look fabulous, what is there to understand? Wearing a piece of jewellery is a means of expressing our character. Research shows that there is an increase in self-confidence when a person wears a piece of jewellery. It is only natural that a boost in self-esteem is observed for the primary purpose of an accessory is to enhance ones beauty and handsomeness. This can be seen from all ages, comparable to how a little girl brightens when she wears a tiara on her birthday, an adult woman wearing a diamond wedding ring shows a sophisticated allure. A geriatric with a pair of gold earrings would be less irritable for they all feel and look beautiful. It is part of our instinct to want to stand out from the mass whether we choose to admit it or not. Jewellery makes that possible. Each piece also becomes attached to us, particularly the crystals that represent various strengths and nature that we can identify with.

Generalization Based on Human's Psychology in Jewelry

  1. Small and simply decorated accessories give off an aura of stability and self-assurance that there is no need for you to call attention to yourself.
  2. Loud and statement accessories shouts, here I am, look at me, which to some denotes a constant need for attention and drama. You are a born extrovert with an active social life.
  3. Individuals with a naturalist personality prefer jewellery ornamented with natural stones or made from organic materials such as shells and wood. These give an outdoorsy and campy nature.
  4. Classically set jewellery radiates elegance and high-class. Extremely attentive to details and somewhat a perfectionist.
  5. Individuals who like to have a matching set of accessories gives off an organized and stuck-up personality.
  6. Old-fashion pieces of jewellery exude an artistic and free-spirited personality. They value their individuality and unique personality giving no thoughts about how people see them.

Personality Types and Jewelry

What is personality? Personality is a combination of one's unique way of thinking, feelings and behaviours. Jewellery focuses on the personal characteristics of a person that provides a peek in completely understanding a person.

There are sixteen types of personality as of the moment; these are based on the five traits that make up a person's uniqueness. These are:

  1. Conscientiousness

Highly systematized with a string sense of responsibly and duty. These individuals are highly driven, reliable, and disciplined.

  1. Agreeableness

Kind, trusting and compassionate, these individuals are very cooperative and commonly taken advantage of. Meanwhile, a non-agreeable person tends to be a stuck-up with a no-nonsense character, which is widely seen in leaders.

  1. Neuroticism

The level of neuroticism a person has plays a huge role in one's anxiety. The higher a person's neurotic side, the more emotionally unstable they are while, the lower the neuroticism, the more emotionally stable they are.

  1. Openness

Openness to new things and experiences, these are the adventurous types with an imaginative and artistic way of thinking.

  1. Extraversion

The terms extrovert and introvert falls in this category. Extroverts are the social butterflies who are outgoing, friendly, and always at the centre of attention. They love to converse, have social interaction with different people, and are easy to get along with for their cheerful personality.

On the other hand, introverts love to keep to themselves. They seem shy though they can transform into charming and friendly individuals when they want to. They just prefer to be left alone or be in a small group rather than a huge crowd.

Meyers Briggs Personality

Developed by Isabel Myers and Catherine Briggs. These are based on the psychological preferences of humans that contribute to how each perceives the world and make decisions highlighting each unique personality. This does not represent the totality but only a facet of one's personality.

The first letter categorizes one's extraversion with either a letter "E" for an extrovert or a letter "I" for introverts. The second letter corresponds to the letter "S" for sensing and the letter "I" for intuition. The third letter focuses on either you are a mind over the heart or a heart over mind kind of person. This is represented by the letter "T" for thinking and the letter "F" for feeling. The last letter speaks if you are judging, symbolized by a letter "j," or a perceiving type represented by the letter "P."


Persons who fall in the Champion personality group exhibits a highly extrovert personality. Much like any extroverts, you seek attention for validation and appreciation. Free-spirited and renegade in a way for you tend to be good at improvising, which serves as your strength. Artistic, adventurous, and equipped with a sharp mind. You always welcome new opportunities, and approaches life in a flexible way of thinking, able to adjust to any changes that happen in life. 

Jewellery and style:

Statement and unique: You tend to choose grand or extraordinary pieces like statement pieces of jewellery. It shouts I am here and look at me. This root from your extrovert and creative nature that you cannot help but pick and wear accessories that calls for attention: large hoop or chandelier earring, frilly necklaces and a halo set ring. 


Folks who belong in this cluster are known as a caregiver or a teacher. You aim to be an inspiration towards others. You exhibit a highly empathic nature in which you naturally recognize and identify the needs of the people around you. Your loyalty and sensitivity in what others feel make your excellent leader where your presence brings comfort to others, making them trusting and cooperative.

Jewellery and style:

Romantic and classically styled: You tend to choose jewellery with charms like heart-shaped studs or drop earring. You exude understated class and loves colourful accessories without being over the top. It is quality, not quantity, so you go for high-quality pieces with timeless elegance more than the hip and trendiest fashion style, a marquise-cut ring is suitable for your wedding ring.


People who embody the commander personality are born leaders. Like a true leader, you exhibit an authoritarian and intimidating demeanour. Highly efficient and loves to be in charge. You create and strictly implement policies and guideline within your organization. You realistically see the world making you an excellent decision-maker. Your hardheadedness is your strength and maybe your weakness for you stand by your decision and have a tendency to force your belief on others.

Jewellery and style:

Strong and bold: You go for plain pieces of jewellery but are unique and impactful. You love big and bold accessories but are practical to use as a pair of diamond earrings instead of hoops and dangling ones. You like bangles and cuffs more than charm bracelets. However, plain and practical does not translate to a reasonably priced accessory for you to go for expensive pieces that match your status. It may be a one stone ring but the carat and of the highest grade of quality. A side-stone set ring would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


People with a visionary personality are daring and sharp-minded. You see the big picture and are always looking at the future more than the present. Intellectual and ingenious that you tend to rely on your wits. You welcome the challenges in life and your love for new adventure and excitement makes you uninterested, leaving things unfinished. Full of vim and vigour, both considered your strength and weakness for you tend to jump from one element to another.

Jewellery and style:

Fun and jazzy: You like all sorts of trendy and hip new things. You are up to date with the latest fashion trend—the more eccentric and bold, the better. You love art deco style of accessories, which are colourful and fashioned in a remarkable form. You like fashion-forward accessories like a mismatched pair of earrings a stack bracelet or anything that can set you apart from the masses. An emerald-cut would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


If you belong in this class, you are a dubbed as a provider. Individuals under this class are friendly, sociable and love to be the centre of attention.  As an extrovert, you popular within your circle of friends and considered the life of the party. Aside from your charming persona, you are always available to provide a helping hand. You valued loyalty and found a valuable team member for you are highly focused and a fast worker, and open to assist anyone leading to harmonious relationship and success.

Jewellery and style:

Whimsical and playful: You love fashion, and the one thing that always catches your eyes are cute and adorable things. You are a child at heart when it comes to pieces of jewellery. Earring fashioned with cute animals, or a chain bracelet embellished with various charms in pastel light pastel colours. Plain is not your thing as well as extravagance. Your style is fresh with class. A rose gold ring would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


This type of personality exhibits an entertainer personality. You embrace being the centre of attention and being the life of the party. You can have a diverse cluster of friends and act as a glue. Your highly sociable personality is your strength and weakness for you always seek out the company of others and may feel lonely when left on your own—adventurous and talented making this type of personality suitable in the entertainment industry.

Jewellery and style:

Artistic and one-of-a-kind: You have an affinity with coloured jewellery. Your motto is to shock and be memorable making you choose grand and loud pieces—chunky pieces like a chandelier set of dangling earrings, a choker or a torque necklace. A Colored Diamond would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


The director personality is somewhat comparable to a commander. You are a born leader that loves to lead and take charge of tasks and people. Passionate in life, whether with love or work. The only difference is that you listen to suggestions and always consider your core principles in guiding you in anything that you partake.

Jewellery and style:

Sultry and romantic: You love all sorts of design and style. It all comes down to how you wear to and where you wear it. You know when to use a pair of hoop earrings, and you wear them with an aura of elegance. It is as if fashion is second in your nature that you can pull off any look you desire. A solitaire diamond would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


You are a dynamo! You are an extrovert with a fresh and exhilarating vibe. Energetic with an air of confidence and poise. You are a present person where you focus on the now rather than seeing the bigger picture. Friendly and sociable and knows how to enjoy life.

Jewellery and style:

Laidback and hip: You like it simple yet chic. You have an affinity with gemstones for you love their beautiful shades and the relaxing effect they produce. You work hard, and you play hard, which makes you appreciate the natural soothing effects of these natural crystals. A princess-cut gem would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


 Counsellors exhibit a down to earth and sophisticated persona. Yo have an idealistic point of view that aims to be an excellent example for others. Motivated, focused and highly organized that thrive on the shadows rather than being on the spotlight.

Jewellery and style:

Stylish and chic:  

You look for class and elegance more than anything else. The design is not essential but what you look for is the totality of jewellery, not the trendiness or the price. A Pear-shaped diamond would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


Individuals that belong to the mediator group are compassionate and kind. They see the world with positive eyes and always believe in the goodness of people, an idealist in a sense, guided by personal beliefs and values. Having a compassionate heart makes them an excellent guidance counsellor and mediator for their propensity to want help and create a peaceful environment.

Jewellery and style:

Classic and modest: You tend to choose small and minimally decorated jewellery pieces like a little gold huggie or a stud earring with a crystal at most. You are not a necklace person, but when you have to, you choose a delicate-looking princess necklace with a small pendant. Pearl rings suit your delicate persona, and you are definitely not an anklet person.


You are known as the mastermind and the problem solver. You are an intelligent geek. Brainy, strategic, and goal drove. You can see things clearly and able to practice a strategic way of thinking that is advantageous in reaching for your goals. However, due to your high self-esteem, you do not listen to the opinion of others, which gives an arrogant and obnoxious personality.

Jewellery and style:

Classic and extravagant:

You know your worth, and this leads you to choose extravagant and expensive pieces of jewellery. However, you still stick to the classically styled jewellery, but again it has to exhibit that glam and outshines other forms of jewellery. A multi-row would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


People with an architect type of personality are in the same category as the mastermind but without the attitude. Smart and has an appetite for new information. Your favourite subject is science, and you base your conclusion in logic and theories. You believe that science has the answer to everything and you aim to search for the answer with anything thas is dubbed as unexplainable.

Jewellery and style:

Simple: You do not have the time and the patience to worry about how you look so you go for the most minimal and plain jewellery. Plain studs or huggie, it is either the simplest pieces or nothing at all. Gold would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


This personality is known as the protector. Dependable, and trustworthy, much like any introverts, you are quiet, loyal and thrive in a peaceful environment. You value your family above anything, which serves as your motivation in anything you do. The downside of this personality is you tend to forget your worth and value and has the tendency to be taken advantage of.

Jewellery and style:

Traditional: You never like any attention that you usually look for a classic and traditionally set jewellery. You have a meek character and trust timeless pieces more than the hip and the trendy. A traditional would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


As you belong in the composer cluster, you are described to be in between an extrovert and an introvert persona. This means that you have the artistry of an introvert and a flexible way of thinking as that of an extrovert. You appreciate spending time with your friends and your alone time.

Jewellery and style:

Naturally artistic: You stick to simply styled jewellery with a twist. Classic rings with modern adornment, a hoop earring with a polygonal shape. Opal would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


If you belong to the inspector group, you are known for your righteousness and integrity. You value tradition and treat others with respect. You have a severe demeanour hardworking and a driven. The only concern for this type of character is its inability to enjoy the present.

Jewellery and style:

Vintage and timeless: Your sombre and serious outlook in life makes you more attuned with a piece of vintage jewellery. Heirlooms that have been passed through generations bring a smile on your face. You are definitely not a fashion-forward kind of person. A vintage set would be perfect for as your wedding ring.


A naturally born artisan, equipped with a creative and artistic mind, with a lot of patience for people and situations, you are more of an observer but acts quickly when needed. Well-organized and focused with a brilliant mind that can logically and strategically analyze problematic situations and solve them.

Jewellery and style:

Bling and artsy: Understated glam is your style. You like extraordinary yet straightforward pieces like a coloured crystal set on a unique and artistic way. A tension-set would be perfect for as your wedding ring.

Now that we have conversed about the general idea on how your jewellery speaks of your personality, it is time for you to go to your jewellery box and pick your most beloved piece or pieces of jewellery. Now, try to remember when the last time you have worn it was. Can you tell why you chose it and how it reflects your character in that specific moment? Anyways, again this is just a common concept on what jewellery can convey. The important thing is you, your preference and not how people may think about your style. 

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