UK's Top 40 Masonic Rings to Shop

UK's Top 40 Masonic Rings to Shop

Masonic rings, what are they, furthermore, what exactly is Freemasonry? Is it a cult? What are their beliefs, and why is there such mystery that surrounds this all-male organization? What is the meaning behind the symbols that they use? Technically speaking, only after passing the third level in Freemasonry may a person wear a masonic ring. 

There are three degrees in Freemasonry, and these are apprentice, fellow craft and the master mason. Upon reaching the third degree, which is the master mason, he would be able to wear a master mason ring or masonic rings. This is to symbolize his stature in the lodge. 

Masonic rings can be compared with a signet ring with its big and bulky size; it may have a circular or rectangular top, decorated with a masonic logo or symbols on the top and sides. There are varieties of symbols used by the Masons depicted on their masonic rings. The most famous symbol of Freemasonry is the square and compass with the letter G insignia located in the middle. This is the universal logo seen on all lodged all over the word. If you are already a member then here are some outstanding masonic rings you can wear on your next gathering. 

  1. Freemason Blue Lodge Stainless Ring

Acceptance is one of the most admirable traits of a freemason, and it is represented in this glamorous freemason ring. Fashioned from a stainless base surmounted by a round flat top with a freemason logo engraving in blue and golden colour. Embossed symbols of the lone eye and the square and compass decorated each side of the black beaded engraving backdrop. Buy HERE

  1. Freemasons Blue & Black Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Ring

Blue denotes purity like the unpolluted waters of the ocean and the streams.  Featuring a gold plated, hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant stainless steel base Surmounted with a squared blue-coated Freemason logo in yellow gold colour.  Decorated with black dotted engravings with embossed gold-plated masonic tools on both sides. Buy HERE

  1. Black & Gold Stainless Steel Skull Freemasons Ring

Incorporate a little attitude in your daily wear with this rocking skull ring in gold or silver hue. Impressively fashioned from a stainless steel base that features a detailed simulation of a human skull with indentations plated with a black coat to highlight a very comprehensive feature of the skull as well as the Freemason logo on its forehead. Buy HERE

  1. Freemason Black & Blue Tungsten Carbide Ring

This sleek and stylish black band would surely match any suits and shirts that you have.  Built from a Heavy-duty tungsten carbide base, IP plated with a thick and evenly distributed black coating exterior and a vibrant metal blue hue on the inner shank, with a laser-etched Freemasonry logo that serves as the main design. Buy HERE

  1. Black-Plated Stainless Steel Freemason Band

Living a simple life, likened to how a brother should live is depicted in this modestly fashioned black plated stainless steel band with a laser engraved Freemasonry symbol on top of a smoothly polished ring. It features a double polish of a matte outer surface and a glossy interior. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Blue Carbon Fiber Freemason Ring

Bring a little excitement to your wardrobe with this fun and classy ring made from a high-grade stainless steel base. Highlighting a beautifully engraved Freemason logo with a blue and black carbon fibre inlay design. Completed with a glossy bevelled edge to highlight a matte polished middle band. Buy HERE

  1. Silver & Black Titanium Freemason Band

Look no more for this dual-tone masonic ring is guaranteed to bring class and style wherever you go. Immaculately fashioned from a lightweight and durable titanium base coated in black with a  silver-tone edge. Beautifully engraved Freemasonry log sits on a smooth and well-polished surface, which is resistant to corrosion and rusting. Buy HERE

  1. Gold & Silver Stainless Steel Skull Freemason Ring

Punk it out with this highly detailed three-dimensional human skull masonic ring.  Featuring a stainless steel moulding of a human skull highlighted by black hollows. It features a gold plated Freemasonry logo on its forehead as well as a golden wreath crown. Available in Silver & gold tone and pure silver colour. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Blue & Gold Freemason Ring

Plain and simple, this modestly fashioned masonic ring brings a statement of power and high class. Classically fashioned signet ring made from a high-grade stainless steel base, IP plated with a thick layer of lustrous yellow gold metal coat surmounted by a blue-coated flat circular top styled with an embossed yellow gold Freemasonry symbol. Buy HERE

  1. Freemason Tools Plated Stainless Steel Band

This hyper-masculine and cool masonic ring is suitable men of modern taste.  Featuring an elaborately designed masonic ring built from a high-quality stainless alloy base. Black plated exterior designed with a series of gold-plated masonic tools and logo bordered with a serrated tire-like feature. Hypoallergenic and durable made for your everyday wear. Buy HERE

  1. Red Royal Arch Freemason Stainless Steel Ring

Here is another statement ring for the royal arch masons. It features the traditional red colour and the triple tau symbol to declare that the wearer is a servant of God. Indented freemasonry symbols decorate each side of the signet ring emphasized with a dotted black backdrop. Scratch and rust resistant guarantees a long-lasting shine with minimal cleaning and maintenance. Buy HERE

  1. Eye of Providence Freemason Stainless Steel Ring

Feel the protection of God wherever you go with this masonic inspired ring that features the lone eye. Highlighting a triangular shaped top with a fine engraving of a right eye. Moulded from a top-notch quality stainless steel alloy, hand-polished to a mirror-like and smooth surface with a pleasant heavy weight on your finger. Buy HERE

  1. Gold & Black Freemason Wreath Stainless Steel Ring

We bring you this high-end masonic ring; it features a velvet-like backdrop pattern plated in dark brown with exquisitely embossed Freemason logo bordered with a gold-tone circle. Golden wreath crown envelopes the perfectly engraved masonic symbols of each side set on a well-polished gold-tone stainless steel base. Buy HERE

  1. Freemasonry Beaded Stainless Steel Ring

Here is a statement ring styled with a traditional bulky and circular flat top and rounded rims. Skillfully fashioned from a high-grade stainless alloy base with a beautifully engraved Freemason logo set on a strikingly dotted backdrop with a black shadow accent set on top and on each side of the ring. Buy HERE

  1. Engraved Freemasonry Oxidized Stainless Steel Ring

The masculinity that radiates from this masonic ring made my knees go weak.  It features a rounded flat top with a highly detailed freemasonry logo accentuated with blackened oxidized indentations. Triangular side designs that feature perfectly embossed masonic tools set on a remarkably textured black backdrop that adds power to an already badass ring. Buy HERE

  1. Gold & Silver Tone Stainless Steel Freemasonry Ring

For men of elegance and traditional taste, this ring is a perfect match for you. It features a lustrously silver-plated stainless steel base to guarantee durable and hypoallergenic wear. Gold-plated Freemasonry logo with a blue middle accent set on a silvery patterned background with side accents that displays two masonic tools on blue and silver hues. Buy HERE

  1. Round Gold & Blue Stainless Steel Freemason Ring

You would surely love this divinely crafted multi-toned masonic ring with tits full and vast body. Wear it on your pinkie or on your forefinger to maximize its commanding character. Fashioned from a durable and robust stainless alloy base styled with a finely engraved masonic log on top with astoundingly stamped masonic tools accents on each side of the ring. Buy HERE

  1. Square Blue & White CZ Stainless Steel Freemasonry Ring

Regal with an imperial aura, this majestic masonic ring would definitely go well with your suits and robes. It features a silver-plated stainless alloy base completed with a matte finish with brilliantly cut blue and white CZ set on each side of the square-shaped top with gold plated engraved Freemasonry logo. Buy HERE

  1. Square Black Gold & Silver Round CZ Freemason Ring

If you are going for a mysterious and manly look, then this piece is for you.  Featuring a gold-plated alloy base moulded with a square-shaped black coated top. Gold-tone engravings of the Freemason logo with the letter G located in the blue-coated centre. Buy HERE

  1. Round Gold-plated Knights Templar Stainless Steel Masonic Ring

An exquisite ring made only for the highest degree of the York Rite, a ring that features a gold and red-hued Knights Templar flag engraved on a black background on both sides of the ring. Circular-cut cubic zirconia crystals encircle the golden engraving of the Freemason’s logo set on a white-tone base. Buy HERE

  1. Black Paved Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel Freemasonry Signet Ring

Garb this impressively made masonic ring with a strong and powerful aura.  It features a beautifully plated stainless alloy base, hand polished to a smooth and lustrous surface. Exquisitely paved with brilliant zirconia crystal encircling an embossed golden Freemasonry logo set on a black coated base with the same styled accents on both sides of the ring. Buy HERE

  1. 3D Skull Plated Stainless Steel Freemasonry Ring

Occasionally feel like a renegade by wearing this 3D mockup of a skull moulded from a stainless steel base. Highlighting the detailed engravings of a human skull features with black coated indented hollows. Styled with a rounded Freemasonry logo located on the forehead of the skull with wreathlike pattern engravings on eth sides. Buy HERE

  1. Channelled 33 Degree Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Ring

Here is a traditionally fashioned masonic band of the 33-degree Scottish rite.  Fashioned from a gold-plated stainless alloy base made with two engraved channels for design. Ornamented by a black-coated triangular shape symbol with a golden number 33 at the centre. Uncomplicated and straightforward, made for men with a minimalist taste. Buy HERE

  1. Stone Wall Stainless Steel Gold-Plated Freemasonry Ring

Build your faith with a durable and robust foundation, much like what this beautiful ring signifies. Excellently fashioned from a stainless steel base accentuated with a blackened and rough surface to give an abraded look. Gold-plated Freemason’s logo set on a stonewall. Lateral accents of engraved masonic symbols complete the vintage appeal. Buy HERE

  1. Past Master Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Freemasonry Ring

Have a look at this grand and fabulous masonic ring made from past masters.  Built from a gold-plated stainless alloy base, immaculately polished to a smooth and lustrous surface. Well-defined engravings of the Freemason’s logo set on a complexly patterned base. Masonic prints accentuate each side, illustrating an identical background. Buy HERE

  1. Red & Gold Stainless Steel Freemason Ring

Here comes a ring that features a red and gold combination, which has a kingly appeal. Skillfully fashioned from a stainless alloy base plated with a luxurious yellow gold metal body, surmounted by a red-coated square-shaped top decorated with a Freemasonry logo highlighting a small, round cut CZ crystal. Buy HERE

  1. Gold & Silver-Plated Stainless Steel Masonic Band

This modest and slim band is fashioned to elongate your fingers. Made from a durable and tough wearing stainless alloy with a silver-plated embossed middle band. Gold-plated accents designed to highlight the matte and glossy exterior surfaces. Styled with a laser engraved Freemasonry logo on a square-shaped main design. Buy HERE

  1. Round Black-Plated Stainless Scottish Rite Freemason Ring

Look like a champion with this full and bulky masonic ring that represents the Scottish rite. Highlighting a double-headed eagle badge with engravings plated in a glossy and smooth golden colour set on a durable black plated stainless alloy base decorated with a number 33 symbol on both lateral portions of the ring. Buy HERE

  1. Black-Plated Tungsten Carbide Order of the Eastern Star Band

Come and see this black-plated tungsten carbide band decorated with the order of the eastern star as its main design. IP plated with a fade-resistant property as well as scratch and rust-resistant for long-lasting wear. Its bevelled edge ensures a secure and comfortable fit. Buy HERE

  1. Master Mason Stainless Steel Masonic Signet Ring

What a way to display your status with this massive and heavy masonic ring made for master masons. Featuring a 20mm full dome-shaped top with decorated with a well-defined engraving of a Freemason’s logo encircled with a master mason inscription. Available in gold, silver and black colours. Buy HERE

  1. Master Mason Black & Gold Stainless Steel Ring

For master mason, here is a grand masonic ring just for you. Featuring a gold-plates stainless alloy base with a flat rounded top. Beautifully engraved Freemasonry symbol encircled with a master mason inscriptions in yellow gold-tone set on a black-plated textured base. Buy HERE

  1. Vintage Stripe Gold-Plated Stainless Steel Freemason Ring

Come and check this high-quality masonic ring that features a velvet-like backdrop pattern plated in dark brown with exquisitely embossed Freemason logo surrounded with a gold-tone circle. Golden wreath crown cloaks a perfectly engraved masonic symbol set of both sides of a well-polished gold-tone stainless steel base. Buy HERE

  1. Sun and Moon Green CZ Freemason Signet Ring

Rock this Goth inspired masonic ring made for built from a stainless alloy base.  Designed with an engraved Freemason’s logo encircled with a spinal bone feature. The sun and moon symbol placed on each side of the ring with a back oxidized base colour for punk and rough appearance. Buy HERE

  1. Square Brick Wall Sun & Moon Stainless Freemason Ring

Have a strong faith in God built from a durable foundation depicted in this stunning ring. Excellently fashioned from a stainless steel base accentuated with a blackened and rough surface to give an abraded look. Gold-plated Freemason’s logo set on a brick stonewall. Lateral accents of engraved masonic symbols complete the vintage appeal. Buy HERE

  1. Coloured Freemason Carbon Fiber Inlay Stainless Band

This masonic inspired band definitely radiates a mystic and mysterious vibe, a ring that features a silver or gold-tone series of Freemason’s logy set on sparkling gold, black or blue carbon fibre inlay. Glossy and smooth silver-tone tungsten carbide base built with a bevelled edge for a comfortable fit. Buy HERE

  1. Bell and Trowel Stainless Steel Masonic Signet Ring

Wear this statement ring styled with a traditional full and rectangular flat top and rounded edges. Expertly fashioned from a high-grade stainless alloy base with a gorgeously engraved Freemason logo set on a hammered silver backdrop with carved masonic tool accent located on each side of the ring. Buy HERE

  1. Square Textured Black & Gold Freemasonry Ring

Featuring a silver-plated, hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant stainless steel base Surmounted with a square-shape black-coated dotted top decorated with a gold-tone Freemason logo. Its hand-polished smooth and shiny body creates an elegant and clean appearance. Buy HERE

  1. Sleek Square Black Tungsten Carbide Laser Etched Freemasonry Ring

Black, a masculine colour of power and mystery, a stylish and straightforward masonic signet ring made from a durable and hardwearing tungsten carbide base IP plated and laser-etched with a lovely freemason’s logo. Its dual-toned body gives a modern and up to the minute appearance completed with a brushed inner shank. Buy HERE

What is Freemasonry?

Freemasonry, a society full of mystery that only accepts men as members. They are known not as a religious group but as a fraternity, that encourages friendship regardless of their beliefs. On the other hand, the pope has been open about their views on the fellowship. They even had a declaration about the incompatibility between their doctrines. 


Freemasonry believes in three main concepts, these are Brotherly love, truth and relief. The golden rule of the Masons. It knows no age, religion or ethnicity as long as they believe that there is a God. A society promotes unification through the love of God and one another. Truth, searching for the path of true enlightenment.  Give charity, not as a means to reach the heavens but to give help and improve the lives of those who need s it.

Degrees of Freemasonry

Brothers gather in lodges warranted by a grand lodge where they work their way to the path of enlightenment. From the first degree, which is called the apprentice. This level symbolizes the birth of a mason, a new start in the journey of developing oneself, a brother would be learning about the basics such as the symbols, rules and customs. Next comes the middle age is known as the Fellowcraft degree, here a brother continues his studies and improves himself in order to be a refined member of the organization. He would assume more responsibilities and should be knowledgeable about the basics matters of Freemasonry. The last is the old age, the master mason degree.  In this level, you are considered a well-rounded individual and reflect on your decisions in life. You can either stay at this level or continue your learnings to the path of enlightenment. The two most famous rites are the Scottish and the York Rites.

Masonic Rites

After finishing the three first degrees of Freemasonry, you can now further your studies by choosing among a list of higher masonic rites. Here are the two most popular rites of Freemasonry:

Scottish rites

This consists of 33 degrees before reaching the last stage, which is the Grand cross of the court of honour. It is represented by a double-headed crowned surmounted by a triangular emblem with the number 33 in eth middle with sun rays pointing outwards.

York Rite

People who want to be a member of the Knights Templar opt to continue with the York Rite rather than the Scottish rite. Choosing the York rite can only mean that you believe in God as your saviour to which a belief more appropriate for the Christian belief.

The highest degree in York Rite is the Knights Templar. The brother must believe in God almighty as the Supreme Being. There are 4 levels to complete before becoming a full member of the Knights Templar, and they are represented by different symbols.

  • Blood Red Passion Cross and Crown

Illustrated with a laid down cross and a crown with a Latin phrase meaning with this symbol, you shall be a victor. The cross symbol represents the trials in life while the crown represents heaven. The Roman Catholic uses this symbol as well as other Christian sects.

  • The order of the Red Cross

This is the first level of becoming a Knight Templar. Its slogan is the words: truth, divinity, justice and truth in serving God. A seven-pointed star represents it. 

  • Mediterranean Pass

The degree after the order of the Red Cross. This degree is considered as one of the secret levels of the knights of Saint Paul. Two swords pointing downward in an X shape position represent it.

  • The Degree of Malta

Represented by the Maltese cross wherein a brother must pledge to submit to God by a blood oath. Only after the pledge ritual may a brother participate in different humanitarian acts organized by order of Malta.

What is Masonic Symbolism?

These symbols demonstrate the principles of the Freemason brotherhood, used in masonic rituals, and act as a representation for the fellowship.

The Square and Compass

The compass represents setting the boundaries of life concerning human desires and passion. Self-restraint and the determination to live in moderation.  The square denotes of controlled life and actions. It is a shape of balance between principle and virtues.

The letter G

G is a letter that symbolizes God, who is the great architect of the universe according to the Masons. Geometry, the foundation of architecture and Masonry. 

Royal Arch Symbol

This is illustrated with a triple tau enclosed on a triangle and a circle.  The symbol denoted a servant of God and the connection to the holy trinity. The triple tau also represents the temple of Jerusalem.

Eye of Providence / The Lone Eye

All Seeing Eye was derived from a passage from the Holy Scriptures wherein it states that the eyes of the Lord are watching all the good and evil.  This symbol denotes that God watches over everyone.

Masonic Blazing Star

The symbol reflects the sun, the brilliance in the epicentre that enlightens and bless the world with its rays of life and all other things, a symbol of divine providence, the sun, Beauty and the star of Bethlehem.

Skull / Hourglass

The chamber of reflection is a room adjacent to the lodge where mediation takes place. The candidate stays here before his initiation ceremony to reflect about his duties to God, his brothers and himself.  The skull with crossbones represents human mortality while eth hourglass is his limited time of existence.

Masonic Tools

  • 24-inch Gauge – there are 24 hours within a day; these are the time spent to pray to the almighty God, labour to serve fellow brothers in their time of needs. The hours are also a wakeup call that reminds
  • Chisel – a chisel is used in removing flaws and refine a stone. It denotes spiritual cleaning of all the impurities and defects leading to a well-rounded member of eth brotherhood.
  • Level – a level is a tool used to smoothen and have a flat surface. In Freemasonry, the level denotes the equality of all members. Each one has a shared goal, God does not discriminate, and all are equal in the eyes of God.
As on-lookers, we can only surmise that the Freemasonry organization is composed or amazing and strong individuals who are determined to find the truth about God and improve themselves as a person. Masonic rings are statement ring worn by members of the fellowship; thus; should be respected and not taken lightly.
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