19 Gothic Necklaces You Will Never Want to Take Off

19 Gothic Necklaces You Will Never Want to Take Off

Mystery and magic have always pique humans attention, and this is what Goth fashion represents. The "Goth look" is typically marked by dark eyes dark articles of clothing and black accessories. Apparels and looks borrowed from punk and Victorian era with piercings and silver jewellery. Long and big Gothic necklaces that not only catch the eyes but also create a mysterious and eerie vibe, which is the stereotype appearance for Goth fashion. Iconic Goth necklaces with religious connotations such as the Christian cross and coloured crystals are utilized for their high impact and popularity. Necklaces that features misinterpreted symbols, perceived as dark and wicked are also popular like the inverted cross and Baphomet. Other ancient symbols, such as runes and pentagrams, are used to complement one's clothes. Although commonly misunderstood, wearing these necklaces does not translate to their personal belief and religion.

The first question that comes to curious minds is what exactly is Goth, and when did it start? Is Goth really all about death and evil? What is its relation paganism? Goth, for some, is a way of life, to express who they are and how they feel. On the other hand, some people choose to dress like Goths for its hip and formidable look to intimidate others and stand out from the crowd. The look is termed Goth fashion. These include a complete look, from makeup to pieces of jewellery like necklaces.  

  1. Silver & Black Dagger Stainless Steel Necklace

 Silver & Black Dagger Stainless Steel Necklace

Look awesome and cool with jagged dagger moulded from high-quality stainless steel base. The flawless pointed ends of the design create a scorching flame vibe emphasized by the black plated accents that represent a sincere personality. The pendant comes with an edgy popcorn chain necklace for a neat and casual look. Get from HERE

  1. 3D Sterling Silver Tiger Necklace (2 Available Color)

 3D Sterling Silver Tiger Necklace (2 Available Color)

This fascinating three-dimensional tiger pendant comes with a trendy curved box-chain necklace made from 92.5% silver. Tiger talisman represents a high sense of conviction, power, and strength, a chain apt to wear with casual attires like t-shirts and jeans for an effortless yet formidable look. Get from HERE

  1. Oxidized 3D Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

 Oxidized 3D Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

Here is another creepy looking necklace made from hypoallergenic and durable stainless steel base. Featuring a 3D representation of a human skull, designed with a tiny skull enclosed by a Fleur de Lis design, with blackened, oxidized engraved features that elevate the dark and creepy vibe of the necklace. This chilling pendant comes with a 45cm to 60cm long rope chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Steampunk Mohawk Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

 Steampunk Mohawk Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

Exhibit the aristocrat Goth look by wearing this hipster and futuristic skull pendant equipped with a 45cm to 60cm long, rope chain necklace. Featuring the creepy combination of Goth and steampunk fashion that displays a d 3D human skull with a Mohawk hairstyle made of screws and gears for the eyes intricately fashioned from a high-grade stainless alloy base. Get from HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Baphomet Head Necklace

 Silver-Plated Baphomet Head Necklace

This hair-raising replica of Baphomet with searing red eyes would definitely upgrade your Goth inspired look. Featuring a lifelike representation of a horned goat with intricately designed features highlighted by black shadowed engravings and a pair of burning, sapphire red, circular-cut zirconia stones. The pendant comes with a hip popcorn chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Skull Winged Dragon Necklace

 Silver-Plated Skull Winged Dragon Necklace

Complete your eerie and supernatural look with this highly sophisticated designed skull pendant. Marvellously fashioned from a silver-plated alloy base with a human skull main accent highlighted by a bright, circular-cut black and red zirconia stones. Further enhanced by a winged skeleton dragon with perfectly textured serpent-like scales emphasized by dark, oxidized engraved features. Get from HERE

  1. Horned Goat Skull Stainless Steel Necklace (3 Available Color)

 Horned Goat Skull Stainless Steel Necklace (3 Available Color)

Rock a Goth inspired look by wearing this elegantly fashioned plated stainless steel sheep head pendant. Built with a 55cm long popcorn chain necklace with a hip and fresh vibe. The pendant features a detailed representation of a skeleton sheep head with coiled horns. Scratch and tarnish resistant for long-lasting wear. Get from HERE

  1. Grim Reaper Cross Scythe Stainless Steel Necklace

 Grim Reaper Cross Scythe Stainless Steel Necklace

Courageously embrace the mortality of humans by wearing this stunning piece of neck accessory that comes with a 50cm long and trendy cable chain necklace. The pendant features a hooded skeleton grim reaper holding a pair of scythe in a cross position. Lustrously polished with a mirror-like surface moulded from a sturdy and hypoallergenic stainless alloy base. Get from HERE

  1. Ouroboros Dragon Nordic Rune Stainless Steel Necklace

 Ouroboros Dragon Nordic Rune Stainless Steel Necklace

Here is when the undeniable life cycle of birth and death of humans is represented by a serpent eating its own tail. Fashioned from a high-grade stainless alloy base, which features a circular ring designed with the rune alphabet with a dragonhead design. Paired with a hypoallergenic and heavy-duty popcorn chain necklace for comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. Silver-Plated Winged Sword Red Zirconia Necklace

 Silver-Plated Winged Sword Red Zirconia Necklace

Witchcraft and mystery embody this complexly designed pendant made from a silver-plated alloy base. Rustic in beauty characterizes by a diamond-shaped hollow dagger tip with scales and bead design, connected to a cross middle with a brilliant red circular-cut zirconia stone accent, surmounted with a pair of wings. Get from HERE

  1. Floral Horned Goat Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

 Floral Horned Goat Skull Stainless Steel Necklace

Featuring a detailed replica of the skeleton of a young female goat with a flower engraved forehead. The pendant represents a pure female sacrifice, which is a part of the rituals in ancient times to appease the Gods and ask for good fortune and protection. Equipped with a fashionable and durable popcorn chain necklace. Get from HERE

  1. Flaming Dragon Black CZ Sword Stainless Steel Necklace

 Flaming Dragon Black CZ Sword Stainless Steel Necklace

We bring you a 45cm long, popcorn chain necklace with dragon-inspired pendant perfect for young teenagers. Designed with a flaming sword with a decorated with a pair of dragons biting on to the cross guard of the sword decorated with a bright circular-cut, black zirconia stone centre accent. Intricately fashioned from a 316L grade stainless alloy base. Get from HERE

  1. Beaded Horned Bull Skull Turquoise Silver Necklace

 Beaded Horned Bull Skull Turquoise Silver Necklace

Featuring a bohemian-inspired pendant necklace stylishly fashioned from a sterling silver base. The pendant highlights a circular geometric pattern with black shadow engravings set on a three-dimensional young horned bull pendant. Decorated with a calming shade of turquoise blue and located the forehead of the bull with black zirconia crystal accent for the eyes. Get from HERE

  1. Beaded Horned Bull Skull Black Silver Necklace

 Beaded Horned Bull Skull Black Silver Necklace

Go for a bohemian-inspired look by wearing this fashionably made pendant moulded from a 92.5% sterling silver base. The pendant highlights a circular geometric pattern with black shadow engravings set on a 3D female horned bull pendant. Decorated with a deep shade of black and located the forehead of the bull and serves as a crystal accent for the eyes. Get from HERE

  1. Black Zirconia Paved Serpent Dragon Silver Pendant

 Black Zirconia Paved Serpent Dragon Silver Pendant

Here is an Asian inspired serpent dragon suitable for men and women. The pendant features an exquisitely designed rising serpent dragon paved with pieces of sparkling, round-cut black zirconia crystals, highlighting a high-polished and splendidly textured dragon features and engravings. Get from HERE

  1. Fleur de Lis Horned Bull Skull Silver Necklace

 Fleur de Lis Horned Bull Skull Silver Necklace

Have a look at this fabulous piece of a necklace made from a piece of a hypoallergenic and high-quality sterling silver base. Featuring a young horned skeleton bull design with pieced of black microcrystalline black zirconia crystals delicately paved pair of horns and a Fleur de Lis accent on its forehead, a design that denotes youth and purity. Get from HERE

  1. Red & Black Drop Zirconia Bat Silver Necklace (3 Available Colors)

 Red & Black Drop Zirconia Bat Silver Necklace (3 Available Colors)

Showoff a legit Gothic Lolita look with this highly stylized pendant offered in three magical colours. The necklace features a winged bat-like design with an iridescent, oval-cut cubic zirconia crystal centre set on a Victorian styled mirror-like border, and a hexagonal-cut black crystal dangle. This spectacular pendant comes with a 45cm long cable chain necklace for a light and comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. Multifaceted Sterling Silver Rope Necklace

 Multifaceted Sterling Silver Rope Necklace

Express a simple and down to earth personality with this polygonal silver pendant with a rustic and mysterious feel. Lustrously polished surface highlights a multifaceted crystal-like cut shaped pendant fastened on a heavy-duty, black cord necklace secured with an adjustable knot-end closure. Best paired with solid coloured tops to maximize its simplicity and innate beauty. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Silver Jagged Dagger Stainless Steel Necklace

 Black & Silver Jagged Dagger Stainless Steel Necklace

Here is an understated pendant with a spectacularly cool vibe. Wear this with your everyday t-shirt and pants and strut a young and hip look. Featuring a jagged dagger made from high-grade stainless alloy base. Gaze on the flawlessly pointed curved ends, which create a blazing flame appearance emphasized by the black plated accents that represent a profound and deep character. The pendant comes with an edgy popcorn chain necklace for a neat and casual look. Get from HERE


Goth or Gutones, were identified as a Germanic tribe based on the manuscript entitled "The origin and deeds of the Goths." However, scholars are unable to decide on this matter for Jordanes work consist of a combination of myth and facts based on the lost works of a Roman writer named Cassiodorus. Goths were said to practice Nordic paganism where totems and sacred natural sites were part of their belief before Christianism came. Gothic runes were used for the Gothic Bible.

Goth & Paganism

Much like the Goth Tribe, only a few documents are referring to their belief. It was said that the villagers would arrange a sacrificial meal with the guidance of the Reiki, custodians of the ethnic rituals. Necromancy and witchcraft were supposed to be part of their practices.


The Goths worshipped individual Gods, much like the Norse. Tiwaz was the predecessor of Gaut, which was the counterpart of the Odin of Scandinavia. Some were believed to practice nd subscribe to Norse mythology of eth Norse.

Goth Culture

Fashion, music and aesthetics, these 3 are the foundation of what we now know as a Gothic culture. Started in the 1980s to accommodate the gothic rock fans, which sprouted from its predecessor, the post-punk genre. Their fashion was based on horror film as well as some medieval works of literature.

Goth Fashion

Mystery and darkness, death and sex fornication, rock music and vampires, all of these come to mind when we speak of the Goth fashion. Black, red and white are basically the most utilized shades in the Goth fashion. Inspirations from the medieval and Egyptian were commonly used, as well as religious symbols like the cross.


Goth Fashion is divided into seven groups, these are:

  1. Traditional 1980

The "OG" or the original and classic Goth style fashion from the 80s, which are characterized by either a dishevelled or brushed up hairstyle, black outfits, thick-soled shoes and the iconic highly pointe shoes of the 50s known as the winkle pickers.

  1. Lolita 1990

Dark themed Barbie dolls with dark and large eyes and dark coloured lips. Generally characterized by costumes from the Victorian Era characterized by printed dresses, bonnets and brooches. Full-volume dresses and skirts with a below the knee length tailored with petticoats. Laced and ruffled blouses Victorian-inspired prints accompanied by laced topped socks from ankle to thigh high in height. Dark in colours with skeleton and bats themed accessories, which are commonly seen on films.

  1. Aristocrat

Much like the gothic Lolita fashion, the Japanese inspire this look. Characterized by avant-garde couture seen on European catwalks with varying degree of makeup and hairstyles with androgynous looks like what we see in American punk and heavy metal rock. Sometimes combined with steampunk fashion like corsets and top hats. This look is commonly mistaken as a steampunk fashion.

  1. Haute 1977

Haute Goth is when you bring Goth fashion on the catwalk, a more edgy, glamorous and well-dressed goth. Characterized by a well-fitted suit and cocktail dresses while retaining the dark and cloudy appearance. These were popularized by well-known designers where they featured Goth style as their main theme.

  1. Cyber 1990

Futuristic and fictional themed Goth style characterized by platform boots and glow in the dark apparels. Studded leather skirts and coats with body piercings and sleeve tattoos. Simply put, a fictional scientific inspired themed Goth fashion white retaining the traditional black coloured clothes, accessories and makeup.

  1. Rock 1967

In 1967, the term Gothic rock came to be, coined by John Stickney inspired by the dimly lit wine cellar where he met with the lead vocalist of the band "The doors." This style features a union of punk and Goth fashion. Black outfits with the iconic torn fishnets and combat boots. Dark-coloured makeup with Mohawk hairstyles and slim-fitting pants.

  1. Supernatural

Vampires and fairy enthusiast that loves the unknown world of the supernatural. The idea of immortality and power creates an exciting and enticing notion where people are drawn to. Characterized by black capes, fangs, red wine, and romance.

Gothic Necklace

There are a few essentials in pulling off a Goth inspired look, these are black lipstick, black nail polish, piercings (real or fake), and creepy bracelets and necklaces. Goth necklaces commonly exhibit a dark and devilish like look. Symbols, which both connote the good and evil are heavily utilized for its highly polarized meaning, which can be supposed differently depending on the person's belief. Fictional beings and symbols connected to the magical world are also a crowd favourite.

Here are some necklace designs are commonly seen on the market:


  • Bafomet is a horned goat God that is widely misunderstood to be a symbol of the devil. Initially, he is a God that represents balance. The middle ground of opposite represented by a half-animal, half-human body, and the good and evil. At present, he represents Samael wherein his features illustrate an inverted pentagram, which is perceived as demonic in nature.


  • Skull represents death and the mortality of humans. Death itself is a scary concept for most people making skeletons or skulls apt to describe it. The illustration of how a human would look after death and the mysterious world of the spirits. For some, a skull is a symbol of courage, the courage to face death and accepts the fact of life. This is why Goths are known to have brave souls.


  • The most famous symbol that represents a Christianity, whether upturned or upside down, for believers of Christ this is a symbol of faith and protection. For non-believers, an upside-down cross denotes the devil or the presence of evil. We can see this in horror films where an upturned cross suddenly turns downward in eth presence fop an evil spirit.


  • When we talk of a dragon eating its tail in the Norse mythology, this signals the start of chaos and war between the Good and evil. Goth tribes were also said to believe in Norse mythology where the dragon that lives under the tree of life is prophesized to bring chaos and kill the God of thunder, Thor. On the other hand, the ouroboros, a snake that bites its tail is a symbol of infinity and wholeness. Much like the skull, which represents the human life cycle of birth and death.


  • Mystical, petrifying, powerful and mysterious, what more is there to say? There is no other supernatural being that can top the dragon as a symbol of both chaos and balance. The great feature of a dragon is a perfect design that both young and adults can appreciate. The opposing connotation of being a powerful guardian to bring peace, and a creature responsible for the destruction of the world can also accommodate opposing beliefs making it a great universal design.


  • One of the oldest and most popular mythical symbols, a temptress, a vile animal that represents Satan, illustrated in the bible as the one who tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit known as the original sin. On the other hand, a snake also denotes fertility and rebirth. The shedding of its scales symbolizes transformation, another aspect why a serpent is a popular design for Goth necklaces is that the animal looks similar to a dragon and looks marvellous as a pendant.


  • Historically and geographically, the Goths and the Norse shares their alphabet, and this is seen on some artefacts found in Ukraine and Hungary dating back in the early 5th Runic alphabets were a part of an ancient Germanic language. It was said to be a part of magical rituals and divinations. In the 1980s, runes were used for fortune-telling comparable to tarot cards.


  • In witchcraft, crystals are commonly used as an ingredient in magic rituals. They harness the energy of the Earth and serves as an amulet for protection and charms. Black tourmaline is one of the most dominant stone for protection against negative vibes and evil spirits.

For Goth necklaces, material such as sterling silver and stainless alloys is preferred over gold. Why? Because only pure silver can kill a vampire! Kidding aside, it is because a silver-tone base and black gels well together complementing one another without being too luxurious, and clash against a dark themed Goth look. With regards to aesthetics and design, oxidized silver accents beat a black coated engravings anytime for its natural time-worn look and beautifully textured surface. Both are hypoallergenic materials, which are an advantage, particularly for the chain necklaces for comfortable wear without the fear of skin irritation. Finally, silver and stainless steel are durable materials best suited for ling chain necklaces with big pendants.

Goth necklaces, whether you are just in it for the look or personal belief, it is undeniable that these necklaces are hip to look at and a definite head-turner. If you were looking for a way to express your individuality, then wearing one of these necklaces would surely achieve that goal. Be brave like the real Goths and have the freedom to show you unique personality.

















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