11 Unique Dragon Necklaces - Symbolism and Mythology

11 Unique Dragon Necklaces - Symbolism and Mythology

Dragons anyone? Who has never heard of dragons? Dragons are serpent-like creatures that appear on myths and folklores. One of the most used fictional creatures. Fire breathing, winged, with legs, serpent-like, horned and more, there are many version of dragon’s based on their function and myth. The variations are countless, making it one of the most sought after design in jewellery. 

Dragon necklaces, for instance, are one of the bestselling pieces of jewellery for it represents a dragon talisman perceived to bring success in career and finances.  In a yin and yang form, it promotes spiritual balance that all of us need with all the stress that we encounter on a daily basis. While a dragon necklace is currently recognized positively, some still negatively associate a dragon styled accessory to the evil spirits. This root from it being linked with Satan. In myths and legend, dragons create terror with their fire breathing mouth and sorcery. They also denote profound wisdom that they have acquired from generations of existence.

As a fashion accessory, it creates a highly masculine and mighty aura that can make the female hormones hyperactive and explode. Here are some pieces guaranteed to accommodate your needs in both fashion and beliefs.

  1. Fiery Sterling Silver Dragon Pendant Necklace

Fiery Sterling Silver Dragon Pendant Necklace

Add a bit of pizazz to your everyday wear with this tribal-inspired dragon pendant fashioned from a 925 sterling silver base. Carefully polished to a mirror-like lustre and texture, a pendant characterized by a flaming dragon features with pointy edges and a formidable dragon face. The pendant comes with a black rope necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Silver Stainless Steel Skeletal Dragon Pendant Necklace

Silver Stainless Steel Skeletal Dragon Pendant Necklace

Even dragons die eventually; here is a beautiful representation of a fossilized dragon characterized by a marvellous detailed illustration of a skeleton of a dragon made from a high-quality stainless steel base. Plated with lustrous and smooth silver metal accentuated with dark and oxidized indentations. This superb pendant comes with a durable cable chain necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Ouroboros Stainless Steel Dragon Rune Pendant Necklace 

Ouroboros Stainless Steel Dragon Rune Pendant Necklace

Every man must have their own hip ouroboros necklace; it adds a young and free-spirited appeal as well as an unexplainable chic magnet. Moulded from a high-grade stainless alloy with a beautifully shaped circular dragon engraved with runic features for a magical and mysterious flair. Available in dark grey and black colour. Buy HERE

  1. Yin & Yang Stainless Steel Asian Dragon Pendant Necklace

Yin & Yang Stainless Steel Asian Dragon Pendant Necklace

Chill and express your zen personality with this divine yin & yang necklace.  Fashioned from a high-grade stainless alloy to form a circular pendant decorated with an immaculately engraved black and white dragon. A dragon amulet for meditation and brings balance in life. This ingenious pendant comes with a 22-inches box chain necklace. Buy HERE

  1. Silver & Gold Winged Dragon Pendant Necklace

Silver & Gold Winged Dragon Pendant Necklace

Look ravishing with this Goth inspired dragon necklace built from a top-quality alloy base. Featuring an antiquated silver winged serpent dragon coiled on gold or silver-plated sword. The courage of a knight, supported by the strength and wisdom of the dragon, what a powerful combination. Suitable for men with a strong personality. Buy HERE

  1. Silver Claw Red Dragon Ball Pendant Necklace

Silver Claw Red Dragon Ball Pendant Necklace

Attract good fortune and wealth with this glorious three-dimensional, scaled dragon claw pendant holding an iridescent flaming red ball within its sharp claws.  Highlighting a magical and entrancing design paired with a 50cm long curved box chain necklace to complete an enchanting look. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Silver Flaming Sword Vis-A-Vis Dragon Pendant Necklace

Stainless Silver Flaming Sword Vis-A-Vis Dragon Pendant Necklace

You would not be able to fight this fascinating dragon necklace. Featuring two-serpent dragons biting on a Celtic cross-inspired sword. Their blazing tails are adorning the blade of the sword while a circular-cut black cubic zirconia stone placed at the centre serves as a scary eye that sees everything around it, a necklace made from high-grade 316L stainless steel base. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Winged Coiled Dragon Sword Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel Winged Coiled Dragon Sword Pendant Necklace

Feel the power and strength of a dragon with this bold and forbidding dragon necklace for men. Built with a durable stainless box chain necklace secured by a lobster hook clasp. Intricately engraved pendant depicting a winged dragon coiled all over a sword. Scratch and corrosion-resistant with hypoallergenic property for a comfortable and stress-free wear. Buy HERE

  1. Stainless Steel 3D Dragon Head Pendant Necklace

Stainless Steel 3D Dragon Head Pendant Necklace

Grab ahold of this monstrous three-dimensional dragonhead with a box 60 or 70cm long box chain necklace. Made from top-notch quality stainless steel base moulded to a well-defined replica of a horned dragon with a fierce and daunting appearance. Hand buffed to a smooth and glossy surface highlighted with dark oxidized accents. Buy HERE

  1. Sterling Silver Paved Black CZ Dragon Pendant Necklace

Sterling Silver Paved Black CZ Dragon Pendant Necklace

Express the dragon within by this highly elegant and chic dragon necklace for women. This fierce and highly textures serpent dragon denotes success in life with its ascending pose. Made from a hypoallergenic sterling silver base, shaped with a serpent dragon with a fiery mane. Brilliant black microcrystalline CZ crystals set across its voluptuous body to accentuate a lustrous alloy base. Buy HERE

  1. Gold-Plated Skull Sterling Silver Dragon Pendant Necklace

Gold-Plated Skull Sterling Silver Dragon Pendant Necklace

Complete your Gothic inspired outfits with this chilling dragon necklace. Featuring three-dimensional bloodcurdling winged demon dragon clutched all over a gold-plated human skull. Its scaly and petrifying look secured by a rope chain necklace for a dark and serpentine look. Buy HERE

Are Dragons Good or Evil Creatures?

Dragons are perceived in both positively and negatively. In some religions, Christians, for example, the dragon is the biblical form of Satan. According to the book of revelations, the great dragon is Satan, the ancient serpent, was thrown down on Earth with his angels. There is also a passage where a red dragon rises from the sea with seven heads and ten horns with seven crowns. These passages denote evil and destruction. 

Chinese dragons, on the other hand, are represented as benevolent creatures to bring balance in the spiritual world. If you are familiar with the yin a yang symbol, the yin/ light is represented by the dragon while the yang is represented by a phoenix. The Chinese culture considers dragons in both positively and negatively for both the light and the dark are needed to have balance in life.

Ancient Dragons

Arabian Dragons

Dragons are one of the mythical creatures that represent Islamic Art. Bahamut is a sea serpent or a giant fish that supports and hold the Earth according to a Persian astronomer.

Sumerian Dragons

The dragon Kurh, a long serpent dragon that resides on the emptiness below the primordial sea, He is wicked and ferocious that harm and kills people. He represents the underworld and once took a goddess into his den. Enki, a hero, went to save the goddess and slew the dragon. 

Babylonian Dragons

Tiamat, a serpent dragon based on the religion in ancient Babylon. Tiamat is the goddess of saltwater who mates with the God of freshwater to bear children. She is depicted as a water serpent or a dragon, a beautiful creature sliced into tow to create heaven and Earth.

What are the Different Varieties of Dragons used on Dragon Necklaces?

There are two basic types of Dragons. These are the European and the Eastern dragons, but each country and belief have their own version of dragons. Here are some of the most popular ones.

European Dragons

European dragons are generally described as a fire-breathing dragon with a set of bat-like wings, lizard-like form with scaly horns. Some are characterized with a line of spikes on the length of its spine as well as flaming manes. They are greedy that love gold and treasures.

  • Ydraig Goch / Welsh Dragon

The legend tells that once, there was a benevolent red dragon named Dewi who lived under a hill. His name was derived from David, the patron saint of Wales.  He was by a white dragon named wyvern. They were evenly matched that their battle went on for a long time.  The king decided to bury the two covering them with a piece of cloth. Later, a group of Anglo Saxons invaded Britain, and the king went to find refuge on top of the hill, but with each movement of the dragons, parts of the castle fall. The king then asked the wise men for a solution, and they said to find a boy with no father, kill him and spread his blood all over the ground.

Before he was put to death, the young man asked the wise men what is underneath the pavement. The secret of the two dragons underneath was revealed. After freeing the two to finish their battel, Demi became triumphant and went back under the hill. The red dragon represents Welsh while the white dragon depicts the Saxons.

The Welsh dragon is described initially as a four-legged winged dragon with a serpent tongue. It now serves as a heraldic symbol that denotes authority

Greek Dragons

  • Ladon is a dragon creature in Greek mythology with a coiled body surrounding a tree of life in the garden of Hesperides. He guards the apples, which is his most prized possession. He is a total contrast of the snake that taunted Adam and Eve to eat the apple.
  • Colchian Dragon is a part of the myth of the Golden Fleece, a dragon that never sleeps as he guards the flayed skin of the ram that represents kingship and authority.

Slavic Dragons

  • Zmei is characterized by multiple heads from three to twelve, the more head it has, the more difficult it is to kill. It can take the form of a human to court females.
  • Chudo-Ludo is the son of Baba Yaga, a multi-headed water dragon that guards the water of life and death. People call upon him, especially during droughts; they have an incredible healing power able to reconnect their severed head. 

German / Norse Dragons

In Norse mythology, Jormungandr is the offspring Loki and Angbooa. He is a sea serpent that was thrown in the vast ocean of Midgard.  He grew so big that he was able to surround the world and bite its tail.  He represents chaos and war. He shall release his bite on his tail as a signal of the start of Ragnarok. He would spew poison towards the sky and seas as his brother Fafnir set fire to the other half of the world. He will then battel with Thor.

Celtic Dragon

Gatekeepers of the worlds that represents wisdom and power. There are two versions of Celtic dragons; the first one is a four-legged winged dragon, while the second one is serpent dragon with or without wings and legs. Celtic dragons are seen on coats of arms like the red dragon of Wales. 

Powerful dragons that can cause balance or chaos, mystic creatures that fly across the ley lines where traces of their energies can be found. The lightning Gods where lightning strikes on the path they walked on.

Armenian Dragon

  • Vishap is a winged water dragon based on Armenian mythology. He guarded the treasures and was worshipped for wealth, water and fertility.  He and his children reside on Mount Ararat, steals children, and replace them with an evil spirit belonging to their family. He descended from heaven to cause eclipse, thunderstorms and hurricanes.

Egyptian Dragon

Apep is a giant serpent-like demon of Egyptian mythology. Seth, Isis and Ra threw him to the underworld where he planned his revenge. Every morning, he would have a battle with Ra on her sun boat. When the sun rises in the morning, it means that Ra was able to kill Apep, but during rare occasions, that Apep was able to swallow Ra, a solar eclipse would happen until Ra manages to cut the serpent open and bring back the sun.

Ouroboros is an ancient Egyptian dragon image depicting a serpent dragon biting on to its tail creating a circle. The dragon symbol represents the cycle of life,  while the shedding of the skin represents the journey of souls from the human world to the afterlife. As a fertility symbol, the tail represents the phallus while the mouth embodies the womb of women. The emblem was engraved on the tomb of King Tut. 

Eastern Dragons

Asian dragons denote balance authority, power and triumph. They are mainly used as a creature to balance the spiritual needs of humans. Most are represented as Gods or deities. Connotations may depend on origin and features. For example, a five claw dragon denotes royal power, a four clawed dragon exhibits supernatural powers, and three-clawed dragons are mainly depicted in Japanese myths for the number three is a lucky number in Japanese culture.

A flying dragon denotes success in life.

Chinese Dragons

In Chinese philosophy, only exceptional and incomparable people equated to a dragon. It is a symbol of authority and ambition.

Dragon as a Chinese Zodiac

There are 12 animal species included in the Chinese zodiac, and one of the most powerful and the only mythical creature is the dragon zodiac. Each zodiac is divided into 5 types; these are the wood dragon, fire dragon, earth dragon, water dragon and gold dragon. People who are born in this time are innate leaders, courageous and intelligent, but they tend to be arrogant and hot-headed.

Types of Chinese dragons

Here are some famous dragons in the dragon realm.

  • Seen on most roofs of the imperial palace is the free-spirited Chao Feng. He loves to go to high places and to go on adventures.
  • Qui Niu is a gentle-natured dragon that is commonly seen engraved on musical instruments for his love of music.
  • Suan Ni is a patient dragon that loves mediation and the smell of incense.
  • Pu Loa is seen on bells to scare off whales. He is illustrated in a twisted posture with a booming voice.  He dwells on the sea and an antagonist to the whales.
  • Bi An represents justice and is seen on jail gates and courts of law.
  • Chi-Wen is represented by a dragonhead with a fish’s body. He brings rains and waves by splashing his tail.
  • Fu Xi is a dragon that loves poetry and literature.

Japanese Dragons

Like the Chinese dragons, Japanese dragons play a vital part in Japanese myths and folklores. Most Japanese dragons have three toes. They are depicted in both positive and negative ways. 

  • Ryujin / Watatsumi, known as the sea god or the dragon king that lives in the dragon palace under the ocean where he keeps his magical gems to control the tides. He has a serpent-like body that can transform into a  human
  • Kuraokami / Sui Riu is known as the rain dragon and a Shinto god of the rain and snow, a serpent-like dragon with blue-green scales. He is said to expel violent gust during thunderstorms and colour the rain red when he is in pain. 
  • Han Riu is depicted as a forty feet long nine striped multi-coloured dragon.
  • Ri Riu is a blue-green dragon with excellent eyesight enabling him to see beyond 100 miles.
  • Famine comes with the white dragon named O Gonsho
  • Yamata no Oroschi is an eight-headed dragon with a moss green back and a bloody belly.

Vietnamese Dragons

The Vietnamese dragon is considered the most decentralized among eastern dragons. It is a symbol of luck and protection where people would tattoo their face and thighs to protect them from being attacked by the river creatures. Vietnamese dragons originated from a crocodile and snake that lives underwater. Its form has evolved to a three-toed dragon with a letter S on its forehead that denotes rain and thunder.  At present, four-toed dragons with flaming manes mean bravery and is a symbol for high-ranking officials or the noblemen. 

Korean Dragons

Like most Eastern dragons, Korean dragons are benevolent creature’s loves and resides on seas, oceans and ponds. They are widely represented in Korean art and mythology. Korean dragons resemble a Chinese dragon except for its long beard. In some cases, a four-toed dragon carries yeouiju, and only they can wield the power of the orb. These dragons have 81 scales (9x9) based on the number nine, which is an auspicious number for the Koreans. In myths, they are able to communicate with humans and understand emotions such as kindness, dedication and gratefulness.

Indian Dragons

  • Cosmic / Rainbow serpent dragon (Yoruban religion)

Oshumare or the rainbow serpent dragon was created to bind Mawwa and Lisa together, they are known as the cosmic egg or the Earth. Oshumare coils itself all over the Earth, holding it together. It was foretold that one day, Oshumare shall become hungry, and when that day comes, it will eat its own tail, thus leading to destruction. 

  • Naga / Hinduism

The dragon symbol coexists with the symbol of the Naga snake. Nagas are giant serpent-like creatures derived from Indian Hinduism that was based on the influence of the Chinese culture. 

  • Vritra is illustrated as serpent dragon in Hinduism. He dwells on the rivers and blocks them with his massive body. Much like the Norse version where the lightning God, Thor battles with Jormungandr, Indra, a demi-god kills Vritra in the Vedic version of the myth.

According to the myth, the battle between the two immediately started when Indra was born, He drank a considerable amount of soma, which is a traditional drink in Vedic tradition. Equipped with a lightning bold made by an artisan God, he fought and slew Vritra and releases the waters of the Earth.

Dragons, dragons, dragons, there are just too many of them, but the point is that aside from its grandiose form and character, it is a mythical creature of power second to Gods and deities. Dragon necklaces convey a strong and bold character much like the creature making it one of the most coveted design. It accommodates all types of styles, from casual to corporate even suitable for all ages. On this is for sure, if you were looking for an accessory that exudes charm, masculinity and mystery, then a dragon necklace definitely the one for you.
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