Black Gold-Filled Engagement Rings for Women

Black Gold-Filled Engagement Rings for Women

Are you planning to pop that most awaited question to your mate? Then you had better get that little rounded metal that comes with that proposal, yeah? Engagement ring, a ring that men or women give to their mate when one proposes for marriage. It is crucial to present a ring that would guarantee a "yes I do" response. You may want to have something unique and contemporary like a black engagement ring, perhaps. Black in Feng Sui is a colour that promotes harmony and power, and if we correlate that into rings, a black engagement ring, you are proposing a stable and harmonious life together. There are many explanations why women would elect to wear black engagement ring for herself, it may be out of sentiments or for fashion.

The next query would be what are the types of black engagement rings out there? How about black gold engagement rings, have you heard of them? Black gold rings are becoming more and more popular these days. Can gold really turn black? Is it real gold? Plated or filled? Moreover, what is the difference between plated and filled rings? These questions come to mind for an engagement ring is a distinctive statement ring that would be remembered for a long time for both the couple and the onlookers.

  1. Round Cut Zirconia Opal Resin Split Shank Black Gold Filled Ring

 Round Cut Zirconia Opal Resin Split Shank Black Gold Filled Ring

Get lost in the magnificence of this black gold filled ring with split shank design. Highlighting the four-pronged, brilliant circular-cut black zirconia centre stone, complemented by opal resin inlays on both shanks. Fashioned from a black gold-filled base creating a mysterious and vintage aura enchanting the heart of your soon to be wife. Get from HERE

  1. Princess-Cut Lavender Zirconia Chanel Set Black Gold Filled Ring

 Princess-Cut Lavender Zirconia Chanel Set Black Gold Filled Ring

Win the heart of your love with this fabulous vintage four-prong princess-cut lavender cubic zirconia with emerald-cut Chanel setting. Set on a highly lustrous and smooth black gold-plated case highlighting the profundity of the majestic nature of the lavender stone. Impermeable to rust and tarnish for long-lasting wear. Get from HERE

  1. Emerald-Cut Chanel Set Milgrain Edge Black Gold Filled Ring

 Emerald-Cut Chanel Set Milgrain Edge Black Gold Filled Ring

Make her your queen with this old-fashioned Chanel set engagement ring. Bright and vivid purple cubic zirconia stones set on a high-quality black gold-filled base designed with mligrain edges and slotted side. Hand polished to glistening, and silky smooth surface top add to the glitz and glam of this imperial looking ring. Get from HERE

  1. Heart-Shape Red Zirconia Black Plated Stainless Steel Ring

 Heart-Shape Red Zirconia Black Plated Stainless Steel Ring

Show your commitment with this opulent black split shank ring adorned with a hollow heart statement. Focus your attention on the brilliant heart-cut red sapphire held tightly by four rounded prongs enclosed in a cut-out heart accent paved with sparkling round-cut zirconia crystals. Gorgeously polished to a shimmering black surface made from a durable and non-reactive stainless steel base. Get from HERE

  1. Cross Bone Skull Colored Zirconia Sterling Silver Ring (10 Available Colors)

 Cross Bone Skull Colored Zirconia Sterling Silver Ring (10 Available Colors)

Love her to death, I mean till death do you par. Take her breath away with this unique and one-of-a-kind Goth inspired engagement ring, which features a split shank band. Styled with a joined bones highlighting a human skull focal design, and embellished with sparkling coloured round-cut zirconia stones together with delicate floral engravings. Get from HERE

  1. Blue Opal Resin Turtle Shell Black Gold Filled Ring

 Blue Opal Resin Turtle Shell Black Gold Filled Ring

Inspired by the vastness of the ocean and the longevity of the sea turtle, make this majestic black ring be a part of your unforgettable moment in life. Featuring a black gold-filled ring, styled with a sea turtle accent with blue opal resin inlay embroidered on its shell. Hypoallergenic and polished to a pristine and glossy smooth surface made with a standard fit, comfortable shank. Get from HERE

  1. Interlaced Blue Opal Resin White CZ Inlay Black Gold Filled Ring

 Interlaced Blue Opal Resin White CZ Inlay Black Gold Filled Ring

Create an awesome moment by proposing with this impressive black engagement band gorgeously fashioned from a black gold-filled base. Its smooth and glistening surface creates a perfect canvas for the brilliant pieces of sparkling circular-cut zirconia stones and strips of radiant opal resin inlays producing a breathtaking and out of this world feel. Get from HERE

  1. Luminescent Heart-Shape Opal Claddagh Black Gold Filled Ring

 Luminescent Heart-Shape Opal Claddagh Black Gold Filled Ring

Promise a loving and loyal heart with this classically fashioned Claddagh ring. Luminous heart-shape opal resin held securely with four rounded prongs, pops-out from its highly lustrous and smooth black gold-filled metal base. Small and sparkling circular-cut white zirconia delicately glints to catch everyone eyes on this smashing piece of black jewellery. Slim and lightweight, perfect for all types of finger shapes. Get from HERE

  1. Luminescent Heart-Shape Opal Zirconia Paved Black Gold Filled Ring

 Luminescent Heart-Shape Opal Zirconia Paved Black Gold Filled Ring

Mark the beginning of your journey with this stellar piece of a black ring. Exquisitely fashioned from a first-class black gold-filled base luxuriously paved with glittering white circular-cut cubic zirconia stones, highlighting the mystical blue opal resin inlay.  The luminescent heart-shaped opal centre stone completes a magical and awe-inspiring look. Get from HERE

  1. Princess-Cut Aquamarine Zirconia Chanel Set Black Gold Filled Ring

 Princess-Cut Aquamarine Zirconia Chanel Set Black Gold Filled Ring

Lure your way to a yes with this jazzy and fancy looking vintage black ring. Designed from a superior quality black gold-filled base, adorned with brilliant pieces of emerald-cut aquamarine zirconia set on a Chanel set black gold-filled band. Four rounded prongs highlight the exceptional brilliance of the princess-cut aquamarine centre stone, flawlessly complemented by the Victorian-inspired lustrous shank. Get from HERE

  1. Oval-Cut Rainbow Opal Inlay Black Gold Filled Ring

 Oval-Cut Rainbow Opal Inlay Black Gold Filled Ring

Make an extraordinary proposal with this unique and out of this world black engagement ring. Inspired by the boundless cosmos, designed with a full ring embellished with incandescent opal resin inlay creating a magical backdrop highlighting a deep and mysterious black, oval-cut, cubic zirconia stone. Moulded from a top-notch quality black gold-filled metal base, polished to a lustrous finish. Get from HERE

  1. Purple Marquise-Cut Wave Black Gold Filled Ring

 Purple Marquise-Cut Wave Black Gold Filled Ring

She would definitely love this highly glamorous and stylish black gold-filled ring. Highlighting a stunning marquise-cut purple centre zircon stone set in between two, bright circular-cut lavender zirconia statement. The highly modern split shank, wave design radiates a highly feminine and fluid vibe complimented by the high glossy finish. Get from HERE

  1. Circular Cut Black Zirconia Prong Set Ceramic Ring

 Circular Cut Black Zirconia Prong Set Ceramic Ring

Gaze upon this dramatic black engagement ring accentuation a brilliant, circular-cut deep black zirconia stone securely held by a durable and shiny stainless steel four-pronged shoulder. Its excellent, multifaceted cuts dances with the light reflecting a mysterious rainbow glitter tempting your eyes. Made with the highest quality black ceramic material. Hypoallergenic and scratch and fade resistant, perfect for long and lasting wear until your golden years together. Get from HERE

  1. Marquise-Cut Red Zirconia Wave Black Gold Filled Ring

 Marquise-Cut Red Zirconia Wave Black Gold Filled Ring

Have a look at this jaw, dropping black ring suitable for women with world-class beauty. Featuring a black gold-filled metal band designed with a wave and split shank setting. Highlighting a magnificent marquise-cut red sapphire cubic zirconia centre stone protected by two rounded prong and sparkling round-cut white zirconia crystal on both sides. Hand polished to a wickedly glossy and smooth surface, for effortless and comfortable wear. Get from HERE

  1. Circular Cut Black White Ceramic Ring Set (4 Available Colors)

 Circular Cut Black White Ceramic Ring Set (4 Available Colors)

Wow, your fiancé by presenting her with this pair of black and white ceramic engagement bands, designed with a silver or yellow gold-tone stainless steel shoulder to secure a grand, circular-cut white cubic zirconia centre stone. Hypoallergenic and impermeable to rust, apt for everyday wear. Get from HERE

  1. Zirconia Paved Gold Inlay Ceramic Ring Set (2 Available Colors)

 Zirconia Paved Gold Inlay Ceramic Ring Set (2 Available Colors)

Featuring a pair of black and white ceramic engagement bands, fashioned with a yellow gold-tone stainless steel centre Chanel set accent, paved with sparkling, circular-cut white cubic zirconia stones. Hypoallergenic and tarnish-resistant, suitable for casual and regular day-to-day wear. Get from HERE

  1. Lavender Circular Cut Zirconia Channel-Set Black Plated Sterling Silver Ring

 Lavender Circular Cut Zirconia Channel-Set Black Plated Sterling Silver Ring

Featuring a union of vintage and modernly styled engagement ring creating an on-fleek glam ring. Brilliantly cut circular lavender zirconia stone takes centre stage held by four durable rounded prongs, fastened over a faultlessly paved with similarly coloured crystals set on an elegant and skin-friendly, black plated sterling silver base. Get from HERE

  1. Black Plated Sterling Silver Heart Opal Claddagh Ring

 Black Plated Sterling Silver Heart Opal Claddagh Ring

Surprise her with a traditionally styled Claddagh ring to express your sincere and undying love. Highlighting a luminous heart-shape opal resin secured by four sturdy rounded prongs, surmounted with a sparkling circular-cut white zirconia accentuating the magical vibe of the centre stone. Exquisitely designed from a frits-class and highly lustrous black gold-filled metal base. Its thin and lightweight band is suitable for all types of finger shapes. Get from HERE

Black Engagement Rings

Black rings go far back from the ancient Greek and Roman era, and up until today. From being a protection ring, it evolved into a ring that represents individuality and practicality. The same goes for engagement rings, from the traditional yellow gold band to modern black engagement rings. Did you know that there is a thing nowadays that the value of an engagement or wedding ring must be three months' worth of your salary? Just make a note of that thought, but clearly, that does not apply to everyone. Again, the value of the ring does not equate to the amount and quality of love you feel for one another.

Reasons for Black Engagement Rings

So, why do some women prefer black rings? Here are some of the possible reasons behind it.

  1. Aesthetic

The colour black is a very stylish and powerful colour that can bring an oomph factor whenever and wherever it goes. Black rings are comparable to a little black dress that is a must for women. It is suitable for every occasion, casual, semi-formal, and of course, formal events. Engagement rings are the flashy version of a wedding ring, its role is to catch attention, and a black engagement ring does that without being too in your face about it. Classy, trendy and full of mystique.

  1. Political statement

We are now a very woke nation, and sexuality is very much fluid. Some may wear black engagement bands because the law does not allow their marriage. It is both a status symbol as well as a statement of protest. Protesting about the freedom to marry despite gender orientation. Black rings, in general, are not gender-specific, it is commonly made of durable and sturdy alloy base plated or coated with a black layer. Therefore it suits both men and women with an active or a not so active lifestyle.

  1. To express one's personality and style

Do you love Goth or punk styles? Are you a rebel or there is a hidden rebel in you? Do you not like conforming to the standard beauty set by the fashion stylist and gurus of this world? If you say Aye to one of these questions,  therefore, I conclude that a black engagement ring may be the best for you, a black engagement ring is a sure way to keep off the mainstream that not everyone can appreciate and can pull off.

Black Rings

At present black rings are commonly associated with rhodium and black gold. What are these, and is there a difference between these two?

Black Gold Rings

Is black gold really made of gold turned into black? No. Black gold may have a gold body depending on the type (KP, KGP or KGF), but the black only stays on the exterior of the jewellery. There are ways to achieve what we now call black gold and here are some of them:

  1. Patination or blackening

This is the process of coating a thin layer of black coloured film to achieve a dark and evenly coated surface.

  1. Oxidation

For gold alloyed with chromium or copper. Although this would not give a deep or jet black colour instead, it would yield a dark grey to light black shade for chrome-based gold and dark reddish-brown to dark brown shade with a copper-based gold. Potassium sulfide is used to oxidize the chromium and copper content of the alloyed gold

  1. Femtosecond laser

This is a technique in which a laser is used to produce a train of extremely high and short pulses of light called femtoseconds (10-15). The concept of this method is based on mode-lock theory, wherein a layer of consisting of nanostructures is locked on to the open surface of the metal locking the colour inside creating a deep and long-lasting black exterior. Using this method is costly, for it requires the application of high tech equipment.

Black Rhodium-Plated Rings

This process includes a plating with the use of electrolysis. The ring is submerged in a liquid bath or electrolyte solution, with the use of electric current, rhodium is deposited on the surface of the ring. The colour of the product may vary from grey to black, depending on the solution used.

Gold, Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled?

Gold Rings

We all love the timeless beauty of gold jewellery. Its natural yellowish luster that can elevate any and beautify the skin. It gives a vibe of pure luxury and wealth by just imagining pure bars of gold. However, the charm of yellow gold has dipped, unlike in the past. Nowadays, more and more people lean towards pieces of coloured gold, silver and alloy as the base their jewellery. One of the reason may have been the high cost of pieces of jewellery made from gold. Karats denote the amount and the quality of gold. 24K would be the purest, 22-20K belongs to the first-class quality; however, these have a tendency to be soft and bend. 18-16K would be best for rings for its hard enough yet still possess inherent properties of gold such as being impermeable to rust and tarnish. From 14K below, these belong to the lower class level that may or may not be hypoallergenic and resistant to rusting. The mark seen on these ring is KP, an example is 18KP, which means 18 Karat Plumb.

Gold-Plated Rings

Gold-plating is a process of depositing a layer of gold on to the exterior of another metal or alloy. This is done through PVD or electrolysis.

-         Electroplating process

This is a plating process that involves hydrolysis. Electrolytes or liquid baths used ranges from acids, base and metal salts depending on the desired quality of the plating. The surface of the jewellery is thoroughly cleansed from any form of contaminants to ensure even adhesion and bonding. The jewellery is then dipped in the solution, followed by an electric current is applied to promote bonding.

-         IP plating process

Ion plating, also known as PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition). This process achieves a higher quality of plating compared to electroplated pieces of jewellery. The method includes a vacuum chamber. The jewellery is placed inside the chamber. The plating substance is then vaporized and deposits a high-density material on to the surface of the jewellery. The thickness ranges from 3 to 5 microns thick.

IP plated jewellery has creates a more bonded and evenly distributed coat. This is why IP plated rings are more scratch-resistant than the electroplated ones. PVD coating also takes longer to wear off for it is bonded in the molecular level.

Different Marks for Gold Plated Rings:

  1. GP - This means Gold Plate. This may be 14K GP (14 Karat Gold Plate), 18K GP (18 Karat Gold Plate and others depending on the karat of the gold used.
  2. 24K Gold plated – when the words are spelt out like this, the method used in applying the 24K layer is through electrolysis.
  3. HGE – This translates to Heavy Gold Electroplate wherein electrolysis was used to apply a gold layer. 14K HGE (14 Karat Heavy Gold Electroplate) and so on.
  4. Vermeil/ Gold over sterling silver – both markings denote a sterling silver base coated with a gold layer.
  5. Gold wash / bonded gold/ gold-clad – both denote a common and standard procedure in the coating, a more elegant way to express gold plating.
  6. Microns – Microns is used to tell the thickness of the plated gold. The standard would be 10 microns and up.

Gold-Filled Rings

Gold-filled rings have a measurable amount of gold in it. The method used is by wrapping or cladding a sheet of gold around a base metal or alloy. It is like a gift-wrap we do for presents. GF is the standard mark used to tell when a piece of jewellery is gold-filled. For example, a 14K GF (14Karat Gold Filled). In some cases, the weight of the gold is marked instead of the karat used on the jewellery.

An example of this markings was seen on pieces of jewellery in the 20th century, a piece of jewellery is marked as 1/20 118K Gold Filled, which translates that only 50% of the jewellery is made of gold. 1/20 is the least amount of gold that must be in gold-filled rings stated by the US by-law.

Not everyone is meant to find a person that they can share the remaining days on earth together. Someone that complements and compliment his or her personality and character, a soulmate. Therefore, if you are one of the blessed ones, you may want to honour that person by presenting her with an engagement ring that is truly memorable and apt to represent how you genuinely feel for them. Just a little reminder before purchasing your surprise ring, always put yourself in her shoes. Ask yourself; is she comfortable with this type of ring? Would this ring enhance the beauty of her hand? I mean, she is the one who is going to wear the ring, no matter how she loves you, it all boils down to the question; will she be able to wear that ring proudly? With that said, I wish you congratulations and Good luck!

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