16+ Bike Chain Bracelets for Men to Buy Today

16+ Bike Chain Bracelets for Men to Buy Today

Rebel. That is the first thing that comes to mind when we hear of a motorcycle.  Leather, boots and bike chain bracelets. Motorcycle chain bracelets are usually bulky and thick and made from a durable base to match a rebellious and rugged look, it is one of the iconic designs of biker fashion. What is a biker fashion? Its history and connection to motorcycle chain bracelets? What makes a motorcycle chain bracelet Appealing? The different types of motorbike bracelets and what are the advantages and drawbacks of motorcycle chain bracelets over other chain bracelets? Let us talk about all these and more. 

Did you know that women find muscular forearms hotter that contoured abs?  Why? Because one of the greatest fantasy of a woman is being carried by her man. You can see this on romantic movies and novels. One of the surefire ways to emphasize your forearm is by wearing a rolled-up sleeve. Another is by wearing a bracelet that elevates and attract attention to your sexy and robust wrist. This is where a motorcycle chain bracelet comes in. The design, shape and size automatically enhance the circumference of your wrist, giving emphasis to your strong hands and beefy arms that entice attention from the opposite gender.

Are you prepared to upgrade your forearms? Here is some Motorcycle Chain Bracelets would certainly put hotness on your well-built wrist.

  1. Black & Red Bike Chain Bracelet

Black & Red Bike Chain Bracelet

This piece takes the cake for being visually striking, the colour combination of black and red combined with the bike chain design creates a sinister and rugged appeal. Assembled from a heavy-duty stainless steel base IP plated for a thick and evenly coated surface for long-lasting colour and lustre. Get from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Purple Silicone Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Stainless Steel Purple Silicone Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Take a moment and absorb a modernly fashioned motorcycle bracelet with a fresh and young look. Sturdy and heavy stainless steel exterior links balanced by the light and durable silicone in exciting purple colour. Secured by heavy-duty screws and fold-over clasp, carefully hand polished for a flawless and silky smooth finish. Get from HERE

  1. Stainless Steel Black Silicone Motorcycle Bracelet

Stainless Steel Black Silicone Motorcycle Bracelet

Here comes an undeniably sleek and masculine bike chain bracelet made from heavy-duty stainless steel and toxic-free silicone material. Created for men with a sporty and modern taste. Ultra-flexible with five-links with curve features for a comfortable fit. High polished stainless steel outer links underlined with smooth black silicone completed with a secure fold-over clasp. Get from HERE

  1. Stainless steel Infinity Rotating Ring Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Stainless steel Infinity Rotating Ring Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

This dense and thick motorcycle bracelet would surely emphasize your macho wrist. Designed with a pressed infinity knot, equipped with carved braided middle roller for a smooth roll on the wrist. Its intricate design heightened by oxidized portions for a rugged and punk feel. Get from HERE

  1. Pink & black Rotating CZ Ring Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Pink & black Rotating CZ Ring Bicycle Chain Bracelet

We have a winner here, this fun and clean biker chain bracelet are suitable for all types of outfits. Featuring a slim bike chain design made from high-quality stainless alloy base, hand-polished to a mirror-like and smooth surface.  Assembled with a series of rotating bead spacer paved with brilliant round microcrystalline cubic zirconia crystals. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Silver Interlinked Stainless Steel Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Black & Silver Interlinked Stainless Steel Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Treat yourself with this gorgeous biker link bracelet safeguarded with a durable fold-over clasp. Heavy and massive available in different lengths to fit your solid wrist. Premium-grade stainless steel plated with a thick layer of black colour polished to a glossy surface and linked with strong bolts for a secure fit. Get from HERE

  1. Natural Wood Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Natural Wood Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

This sensational and one of a kind link bracelet would undoubtedly make your day. Fashioned with natural tinted handmade wooden parts connected to a thin stainless alloy middle set on a flexible transparent acrylic band for support and a hidden safety clasp for closure. Each bracelet is one-of-a-kind due to the characteristic wood stripes. Get from HERE

  1. Orange & Black Stainless Steel Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Orange & Black Stainless Steel Bicycle Chain Bracelet

Delve into this extraordinary biker chain bracelet made from high-grade stainless alloy, IP plate with jet black and vibrant orange; a total contrast that complements and emphasize each other’s character. Lustrous and durable stainless steel screw, middle spacers and fold-over clasp for an overall secure and relaxed wear. Get from HERE

  1. Black & Gold Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Black & Gold Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

This astounding piece of chain bracelet is a surefire head-turner. Fashion with a bicycle chain design links in plated black, gold and natural stainless steel colour. Smooth and glossy surface with a rotating middle rolled for a smooth glide and fit on the wrist. Bulky and heavy made to give emphasis to your well-built, muscular wrist. Get from HERE

  1. Silver & Gold Stainless Steel Bike Chain Bracelet

Silver & Gold Stainless Steel Bike Chain Bracelet

Choose your colour combination from two-tone silver and black, silver and gold, pure silver or plain gold-plated stainless steel base. Well-polished to a silky smooth surface, a design suitable for casual and formal wear. Hypoallergenic and fade-resistant for long-lasting colour and lustre. Get from HERE

  1. Black Silver Stainless Steel Roller Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Black Silver Stainless Steel Roller Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

This remarkably rough and punk styled motorbike bracelet would definitely bring out the rebel in you. Choose between crudely plated in black with purposefully faded portions for a more casual and naturally worn look or lustrous and smooth natural steel colour for a bold and robust appeal. Get from HERE

  1. Silver & Blue Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Silver & Blue Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Take time to realize this notable and currently fashioned motorcycle bracelet with a young and fresh appeal. Reliable and heavy stainless steel exterior links balanced by the light and durable silicone in exciting blue colour. Secured by heavy-duty screws and fold-over clasp, skillfully hand polished for a flawless and satin-smooth finish. Get from HERE

  1. Rustic Stainless Steel CZ Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Rustic Stainless Steel CZ Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Rock on with this punk styled bracelet for men. Rustic oxidized stainless steel for a timeworn look combined with a motorcycle bracelet design with a brilliant circular-cut cubic zirconia crystal focal design. Heavy-duty extension fold-over clasp and screws to withstand the wear and tear of your daily routine. Get from HERE

  1. Black Stainless Steel Byzantine Chain Bracelet

Black Stainless Steel Byzantine Chain Bracelet

Add masculinity to your daily look with this intentionally stressed black plated stainless alloy bracelet for men. Superbly made double-strand byzantine bracelet with a square catch clasp for a dangerous and renegade look. Show off this work of art with your leather jacket and jeans for a punk rock style. Get from HERE

  1. Plated Stainless Steel Curve Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Plated Stainless Steel Curve Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

A stunner without a doubt, this box chain bracelet with wounded featured is guaranteed to steal the show. Black plated stainless steel base secured with a cylindrical catch clasp made for men with modern and sophisticated taste. Easy to put on and off with a circular design for comfortable daily wear. Get from HERE

  1. Gray Camouflage Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Gray Camouflage Stainless Steel Motorcycle Chain Bracelet

Show off this marvellous biker chain bracelet with your jeans and a plain shirt.  High-quality stainless inner links coated with a deep black hue to complement the matte surface of the camouflage plate chief design. Natural steel exterior frame buffed to a mirror-like surface for a clean and smart look. Get from HERE

Types of Motorcycle Chain Bracelets

For a real motorcycle, there are the standard and the O-ring type of motorcycle chain, but when it comes to bracelets, there are more than a few styles available in the market and here are some of them:

Standard Bicycle Chain

The Bicycle fashioned chain is characterized by thin and longer links that look like barbells, a skeleton-type wherein you can clearly see where the links are connected for a fresh and minimalist look. Elegant and hip to look at but is a bit uncomfortable to wear due to its shape. This type is suitable for work and a daily non-active routine.

Motorcycle Roller Chain

Motorcycle chains are built with rotating inner beads or rollers. This makes the link bracelet look bulky and adds weight mainly when made from metals and alloys. The shape of the link parts is circular and shorter in length.

Motorcycle chain bracelets are divided into two categories based on shape.  These are geometric and curved. 

Geometric Link Chain

As the name implies, these bracelets are made with geometric shapes like circles, rectangles and squares. These are bold and solid shapes, which goes well with punk biker fashion. Although full of charisma and striking to look at, the form does not sit well due to its figure and is quite bumpy to wear.

Curve link Chain

These are link chains with a curved top and a flat inner body.  Usually made of multiple links and wide in diameter. It is comfortable; to wear but exhibits an understated biker aura which is suitable for a day in the office and even when attending a formal occasion.

History of the Renegade Biker Fashion

Who is not familiar with the biker fashion? Rough and tough, always on the road, brave and free. The biker fashion represents these things. The following are the popular iconic pieces tied to the biker fashion:

Leather Jacket

The leather material itself is hardwearing and durable. Wearing of leather jackets for riders is not about style but for protection. Protection from the sun, rain, wind and heaven forbid accidents that may result in injuries of the body. Leather jackets were invented for necessity and with its function in mind. Later, leather jackets became the symbol of punk rock worn by rock band members and rebels on films. Hollywood celebrities with punk and fierce personalities are commonly seen wearing leather jackets as well.


Bikers are always on the road, they walk on puddles, hit paved or muddy roads, it doesn’t matter. And just like the leather jacket that protects the body. Leather boots were designed to protect the feet of bikers from rain and heat. It is built with heavy-duty soles for comfort, protection and resist slips. 

Biker Fashion Accessories

Chains, in particular, have been part of the biker fashion. Long chains on jackets, vest and boots. It is not surprising that accessories with heavy chains became part of the biker fashion. There are different designs tied to biker fashion, and these are:

  • Leather Bracelets

As we have established, leather represents bikers and a rebellious character.  This extends to accessories like leather bracelets and necklaces. These accessories usually come with an iconic design like skulls, spikes, and chains.

  • Skull

The skull design is like a calling card for pirate s and bikers. Skull represents courage and death. An open road is a dangerous place and death is found on each turn. The courage to face death on its face is what makes a biker tough and daunting.

  • Spikes

Tough and rugged, these are what the spike design represents.  Bikers are perceived as intimidating and formidable, like having barbs around them that most people would try to avoid. Another way to look at thorns is how life can be tough and there no other way but to face upfront. You may be bruised and injured in many ways, but what matters is getting back up your motorcycle and continue your journey. Nothing can stop you for you eat spikes for breakfast.

  • Motorbike Chain

A biker’s most prized possession is his motorbike. It is only apt that a part of its precious possession represents them. A biker’s motorcycle is functional and can get through any terrain. It is durable and massive compared to other bikes. Just like fuel, a motorbike is not complete without a chain. The motor bike chain is one of the most fundamental parts of the motorcycle; they have to undergo constant maintenance for a safe ride. When not well maintained, it debilitates your ride and results in dangerous situations. Motorcycle chain bracelets represent toughness and power.  

Material Used in Motorcycle Chain Bracelets

The materials used on motorcycle chain bracelets are usually made of steel and alloys. These are stainless steel and tungsten carbide. The reasons are:

  • Hardness

These alloys are proven durable and sturdy. They have high resistance to corrosion and oxidation, can be formed and moulded in small pieces, and can withstand the constant friction without being scratched or dented. Screws and clasp are also made from the same materials to guarantee a secure hold.

  • Aesthetics

Have you ever seen a bicycle chain made of gold? Most motorcycle accessories are made of steel or plated metals. This is the reason why most pieces of exhibits a natural steel colour or in dual-tone to retain the authentic rugged design and appeal.

  • Affordability

Modern metals are more affordable than precious metals like gold.  In any case, gold does not really shout punk and rebellious, which biker fashion is all about.

  • Easy to coat

Alloys are excellent materials to undergo IP plating; this gives a thick and well-fused coat that resists fading and scratching. 

What makes a Motorcycle Chain Bracelet a better choice than other chain bracelets?


Motorcycle chain bracelets are made from hypoallergenic materials, plated or well-polished in its naturals metal state.


Durable alloys are used due to their proven strength and hardness. Motorcycle chain bracelets need a sturdy and hardwearing base to withstand the constant movement and friction it is subjected to.  Stainless steel and tungsten carbide are commonly seen on the market due to their affordability and hardness. 


Motorcycle bracelets are made of small parts linked and secured together with bolts and screws. With the right tool and skill, you can readily adjust the length at the comfort of your home to perfectly fit your wrist.


Biker chain bracelets are bendable due to small pieces linked together, making it able to bend and follow each movement of your hand. These are only applicable for rounded and shorter pieces of links for some biker links are made longer making the bracelet less flexible and uncomfortable to wear.


Due to the heaviness and thickness of biker chain bracelets, a heavy-duty full clasp is required to match the look as well as securely hold the chain on your wrist.  Here are some most used hook suitable for biker chain bracelets.

  • Easy to use catch clasp

A catch clasp has a tongue and a container; this comes in a square or cylindrical shape wherein the tongue is squeezed through the container and locks into place. What is advantageous about this type of clasp is the stress-free on and off wear.   The downside is that the bracelet may fall off your wrist when the release button is inadvertently pressed without your knowledge.

  • Fold-over clasp

The fold-over clasp is the most used in link bracelets with a thick and full body. Characterized by a foldable clip with a crimp end to lock on the press end portion. It is offered in different sizes to match the thickness of the bracelet. It provides a secure fit that guarantees a failsafe lock, which is easy to use. Another advantage is that even when in case of accidental latch release, the bracelet would not easily fall off for the creased end of the lock would fasten on the round band where it loops.

  • Extension fold-over clasp

This is the same as the regular fold-over clasp except for the adjustable frame. The clasp connects to a square or rectangular-shaped frame instead of being directly screwed on the bracelet links. You can resize your bracelet at the comfort of your home for the screws built on extension fold-over clasp are readily adjustable.

  • Hidden fold over

This a classy and secured type of fold-over clasp wherein the clasp is shorter, making it an unidentifiable part of the bracelet. This is used for aesthetic purposes rather than security for the buckle is smaller, making the hold is lesser than that of the standard fold-over clasp.

Disadvantages of Motorbike Link Chain Bracelets

Tricky to clean

Link chain bracelets, in particular, are quite challenging to clean especially those, which has multiple links set in a single row, tightly fitted together. Unlike bracelets with a straight flat band, you would only need a dry cloth to wipe the dirt and a few polishes here and there, and it goes back to its original shine. The good thing is that stainless steel and tungsten carbide are both scratch and corrosion-resistant. Hence; you can clean your motorcycle chain bracelets by soaking it in a soft soap and water solution for a few minutes, using a cotton bud to brush in between the links just to get that dirt out. Wash with running water and dry with a regular dry cloth. Presto! A clean and brand new shine.


The downside of some hard and durable materials used on motorcycle bracelets is its substantial weight. This is only for the case of women because women tend to have delicate features than men. For men, the heaviness of bulky bracelets does not pose any inconvenience. Some men who work out even look for accessories with a mass that they can continuously feel. It can also serve a light work out for your arms to make it stronger.


There is no denying that motorcycle chain bracelets are substantial, I mean it is supposed to replicate the actual motorcycle chain, which is heavy and massive at the same time. This type of bracelet is not suitable for slender wrist men and women. The style itself would engulf your wrist, which is not quite nice to look at.  The upside is for men with robust and muscular arms, this would be a perfect bracelet for you. Round and significant links enhance the thickness of your wrist, giving a more macho and rugged appeal.


Due to the shape of some motorcycle chain bracelets, it is quite uncomfortable to wear generally while doing vigorous activities. Sudden impacts may also lead to injuries; that is why it is not advisable to wear this type of bracelet when engaging in rigorous activities using your hands.

Motorcycle chain bracelets are not just for punk and rugged style. It is also suitable for sporty to formal attire, depending on the design. It is versatile and an excellent addition to your collection. If you are looking for a bracelet that shouts buffed and machismo, then a motorcycle bracelet is for you.
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